2017 McDonald’s Monopoly Australia Food Prizes

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Instant Win Food Prizes

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Winning Message on App Winning Message on Ticket Generic Ticket No. Instant Win Food Prize RRP each Max No. of Prizes Total RRP (higher value item)
WINNER Free Big Mac or McChicken BIG MAC OR MCCHICKEN A170 Big Mac® OR McChicken® Big Mac




Peeled: 700,792

App: 288,275





WINNER Free McChicken or Qtr Pounder QTR POUNDER OR MCCHICKEN A171 McChicken® OR Quarter Pounder® Quarter Pounder




Peeled: 700,792

App: 288,275






WINNER Free Cheeseburger or Hamburger CHEESEBUR GER OR HAMBURGER A172 Cheeseburger OR Hamburger Cheeseburger




Peeled: 875,990

App: 360,344





WINNER Free Small Sundae or Apple Pie SMALL SUNDAE OR APPLE PIE A173 Small Sundae OR Apple Pie Small Sundae


Apple Pie


Peeled: 2,452,772

App: 1,008,962





WINNER Free Small Fries or Fruit Bag SMALL FRIES OR FRUIT BAG A174 Small Fries OR Fruit Bag Small Fries


Apple Bag


Peeled: 4,905,544

App: 2,030,240





WINNER Free Small McCafe Bev SMALL MCCAFE COFFEE/TEA A175 Small McCafe® Beverage Small McCafe Beverage


Peeled: 3,153,564

App: 1,297,237





WINNER Free Sausage McMuffin or H&C Pocket SAUS MCMUFFIN OR H&C POCKET A176 Sauage McMuffin® OR Ham & Cheese Pocket Sausage McMuffin


Ham & Cheese Pocket


Peeled: 525,594

App: 216,206








WINNER Free Bacon n Egg McMuffin or Saus n Egg McMuffin B&E MCMUFFIN OR S&E MCMUFFIN A177 Bacon & Egg McMuffin® OR Sausage and Egg McMuffin® Sausage & Egg McMuffin


Bacon & Egg McMuffin


Peeled: 525,594

App: 216,206







WINNER Free Sml Soft Drink or Frozen Soft Bev SOFT DRINK OR SMALL FOZEN SOFT BEV A178 Small Soft Drink or Small Frozen Soft Beverage Small Frozen Soft Drink


Small Soft Drink


Peeled: 3,679,158

App: 1,513,444







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