DEAL: KFC $2.50 Large Chips & Gravy

KFC Large Chips and GravyKFC are offering $2.50 Large Chips and Small Gravy starting 15 March 2017!

Unfortunately, this promo has ended - KFC's latest promos starting September 5 are $5 Lunch with Smoky BBQ Crunch ChickenSmoky BBQ Crunch Chicken and $1 Solo Freeze.

You’ll be able to get a serving of large chips plus a small gravy for $2.50 in store on 15th of March.

The normal price of a regular chips is around $4.95 and a small gravy approximately $2-$3, so you’ll save around $6 with this deal.

Plus, right now, you can also get $1 Regular Chips all day, every day exclusively through the KFC Xpress App! A regular chips will set you back $2.95, so you’ll save $1.95 with the $1 Chips deal. Click on the links to find out more!

The offers available until the 17 April 2017! To take advantage of this offer, click here to locate your nearest KFC store. For nutritional details, scroll down below.

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Credit: Thanks to oscinator1988 on Ozbargain!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To get Chips and gravy deal depends on loading anothrr crap app, absolute BS

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