KFC Menu

This page contains the latest menu and pricing information for KFC.

Note: Pricing information is to be updated.


Menu Item Price Price (Regular Meal)
Original Recipe Chicken
Hot and Spicy Chicken
Original Tenders
Wicked Wings
Kentucky Nuggets
Popcorn Chicken
So Salad Chicken
So Salad Grilled Strips
Grilled Strips

Burgers, Twisters, Wraps & Salads

Menu Item Price Price (Regular Meal)
Original Recipe Burger
Zinger Burger
Kentucky Burger
Original Recipe Bacon & Cheese Burger
Double Crunch Burger
Zinger Stacker Burger
Zinger Bacon and Cheese Burger

Go Buckets

Menu Item Price
Popcorn Chicken Go Bucket
Nuggets Go Bucket
Wicked Wings Go Bucket
Original Tenders Go Bucket
Grilled Taster Go Bucket
BLT Snack Twister
Spicy Hot Snack Twister

Boxed Meals

Menu Item Price
3 Piece Box
Original Tenders Box
Kentucky Burger Boxed Meal
Zinger Stacker Boxed Meal
Ultimate Box
Zinger Box
Twister Box
5 Stars Box

Famiy Meals

Menu Item Price
Streetwise Feast
Family Feast
Variety Feast
Giant Feast
Family Burger Box


Menu Item Price
Corn Wheels
Potato and Gravy
So Salad
Chocolate Mousse
Dinner Roll
Tomato Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Supercharged Sauce
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Aioli Sauce

Kids Meals

Menu Item Price
Kids Mini Wrap Meal
Kids Popcorn Meal


Menu Item Price
Bacon & Egg Roll
Chicken, Bacon & Egg Twister
Hash Brown
Donut Sticks
Flat White
Long Black
English Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Hot Chocolate


Menu Item Price
Golden Gaytime Krusher
Iced Mocha Krusher
Kookies ‘n Kream Krusher
Mint Choc Krusher
Pepsi Max
Mountain Dew
Cool Ridge Water
Apple Juice
Orange Juice

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