FAST FOOD NEWS: Pizza Hut Chillidog and Cheesydog Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

fast-food-news-pizza-hut-chillidog-and-cheesydog-hot-dog-stuffed-crustIn their ongoing mission to reinvent the Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut have tried anything and everything with weird, wacky and wonderful results. Apart from the classic cheesy stuffed crust, there was the Hot Dog, the Cheeseburger, Vegemite, Doritos, and most recently the Meat Pie Stuffed Crust.

For their latest Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut have gone back to their roots (if you can put it that way) and have reimagined their Hot Dog Stuffed Crust in new Chillidog and Cheesydog Stuffed Crust varieties.

  • The Chillidog Stuffed Crust features hot chilli sauce on the base of the pizza, and hot dog and more chilli sauce within the crust itself
  • The Cheesydog Stuffed Crust features a cheese infused hotdog within the stuffed crust, and melted cheddar cheese on the outside of the crust.

Both varieties come with a sachet of tomato sauce and mustard to add to the crust at your leisure.

We’ll have more news and reviews on the Chillidog and Cheesydog Stuffed Crust as it comes to hand on Frugal Feeds, so stay tuned.

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