NEWS: New Hungry Jacks Vouchers (expires 24 Aug)

Just a heads up – Hungry Jacks have released new vouchers on their official website, expiring August 24.

For more vouchers, check out our voucher page for Hungry Jacks, including vouchers expiring on 30 August and a free Espresso or Cappuccino with any $2.95 Brekky Roll purchase.

Deals include:

  • Bacon or Sausage Muffin $2
  • Chicken Royale, Small Fries, Small Drink $4.45
  • 2 Bacon Deluxe $7.95
  • Whopper Classics Meal (Whopper, Whopper Jr, 2 Small Fries, 2 Small Drinks) $9.95
  • Meal Deal for Two (Whopper, Tendercrisp, 2 Small Fries, 2 Small Drinks) $11.95
  • Mega Meal (Whopper, Grilled Chicken, 2 Cheeseburgers, 4 Small Fries, 4 Small Drinks) $19.95



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