NEWS: McDonald’s Feedback – Free Small Fries/Cone/Chicken Mcbites

20160120 McD.PNGMcDonald’s 
have launched McDonald’s Feedback, giving you a choice of either a FREE small fries, soft serve cone or 10 pack Chicken McBites when you leave feedback.

To leave feedback, you’ll need to go to the Macca’s Feedback website, which you can find by clicking here. The feedback form involves completing a short survey about the quality of your Macca’s experience – but it doesn’t appear any sort of receipt is required to leave feedback.

You’ll also need a MyMacca’s account to claim your prize. Once completing the survey, you’ll receive a coupon for one of the above mentioned prizes in a few days.

To claim your prize, you’ll have to visit your closest Macca’s store, which you can locate by clicking hereClaimed a free feedback reward? Let us know in the comments!

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46 Responses

  1. Kevin Twigg-Berry says:

    always,have enjoyed MACCA’S through the world since the 70’s & will continue to do so.Keep up the good work,guys,you are onto a winner,as always.EXCELLENT!

  2. Gliktch says:

    And now, how about something useful to the lovely people of Frugal Feeds! You know those shiny new kiosks? Well, if you go to order one of the ‘new’ ‘gourmet’ burgers, you’ll find that you can, FOR FREE, add the following:

    – Heaps of lettuce
    – Slice of tasty cheese
    – Beetroot (because Straya!)
    – Extra tomato
    – Fried onions

    And you actually get something _approaching_ a burger worth paying $10+ for! I’ll never pay for a standard one again 😀

    • Gliktch says:

      (To be clear, I’m talking about being able to add these as extras to a burger which already has most of those ingredients, for no additional cost, not making a burger from scratch)

  3. Gliktch says:

    Wow, so many useless comments. This isn’t the place to complain about your local store, lol – no-one here cares, your comment is not at all relevant to 99.99% of the people who’ll see it.

    I had to sift through all that crap just trying to see if anyone else hasn’t received their voucher email (and one person helpfully described the same situation as me, signup email received but no freebie).

  4. karen tucker says:

    Not really good driving came in to order sit down gave half order takeaway cup muffin in bag guy on cafe said not my problem

  5. Maree Mitchell says:

    Last night (01/05/17) We made the unfortunate choice of stopping off at Chulora McDonald’s. I would have to say it is the worst McDonalds I have ever been to. After waiting for my food for over 10 minutes the fillet of fish I received resembled something that was dropped on the floor. The fries stale.
    They were not that busy and there was actually more than enough staff. To the point they were more interested in chatting and looking afrer staff that came in to eat, rather than look after the real customers.
    Well done guys, I am not one to complain but your shitty attitude compelled me to make a complaint. I strongly suggest you go visit the gang at Caringbah and learn something.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Never go to banora point nsw McDonalds not once have they got an order right but also don’t display there deals correctly and most importantly food was cold

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to say how much I appreciated the staff &
    food at my local McDonald’s (Yallambie) one of the best. The wife and I are not a young couple however, the staff always make feel you welcome

  8. Peter.Lawrance says:

    Went to our local maccas on sunday 12/02/2017 this place is getting worse every day the service is slow the floors are dirty.I placed my order for hot cake meal and sausage &egg meal and a large coffee with both meals the coffees were ready in about 5mins the food took another 18 minutes of course by then the coffees were only worm there is always a shortage of staff I suppose this is to save on wages .The only time I have seen this store clean and well staffed was about amonth ago when there were people there from head office and there was about twelve or more staff on but the service has not been that good since also on the sunday mentioned the store was not all that busy.The store I am complainingabout is your rowville store I forgot to mention that earlier.

  9. Darren clover says:

    The service way good and the rest ’twas very clean

  10. Geoffrey Barrett says:

    Friendly staff. Quick service

  11. John Mcnally says:

    Good food in a clean restaurant served by competent friendly staff.A credit to Maccas

  12. Susan Burgess says:

    Had to clean and ask for cloth to wipe my table before sitting down. I shouldn’t have to clean table at 3pm in the afternoon.
    Love maccas otherwise.

  13. Lily Ryan says:

    Alway love Mc’donnals

  14. Carolyn miller says:

    Went today with grandson had the most horrible experience first I didn’t get meat or cheese on my Aussie BBQ Angus burger when taken back was another 20 mins to have it replaced not impress not happy with mac

  15. steve Wong says:

    vert good food

  16. steve Wong says:

    mfy side 1

  17. steve Wong says:

    no comments

  18. steve Wong says:

    very good food

  19. Anonymous says:

    Twice i ordered a grilled chicken burger at Mcdonalds Wantirna and twice when I opened and started to eat it I relised it was crumbed chicken, I have the order receipt to prove it
    was ordered as grilled chicken, Not happy

  20. Maddy Owens says:

    Go hash browns
    They are the best!!!!!!!! 🙂

  21. Maddy Owens says:

    I had a hash brown and it was so good 🙂
    My cheese Burger meal was pretty good

    Macas is awesome 🙂

  22. Kaye Norris says:

    Just had a cheese and chicken burger – loose change menu..Literally the burger had a 1/3 of a slice of cheese. I went to counter and asked what happened to the cheese, she took my burger to add more cheese and it came back looking like they just added a new 1/3 a slice of cheese to the burger…really, not even a full slice of cheese

  23. darren says:

    no bad experience with mcdonalds at all,honesty the food ok for the price we pay so its a fix quick food and its cheap so keep it up mcdoanlds hope one day we can buy one a franchise also if win lotto lol

  24. Julie says:

    My husband & I have just returned from having an evening meal at McDonalds Melton.
    Sadly I have had better, our order was 1/4 pounder medium meal NO ICE in the drinks. After waiting some 10.-15 minutes The order was served at the counter. Ice in the Drinks & the fries were cold & old, I returned them to the counter, the lass said she would replace them & bring them out as she had to have them cooked. Why did we not get fresh fries in the first place we waited long enough.
    McDonalds has certainly gone OFF, since first starting, I have had a bit of experience with Mc Donalds, my son worked with them in NSW for 4 years, while he was in high school. The meals were much better then.
    There is more competition around now so you need to pick up. I do not feel we will be returning there again.

  25. Shirley Browne says:

    I just bought McDonalds for lunch @ Cremorne Sydney, sadly the restaurant is be done up & is closed so the only part open is the drive through, I had my mouth watering for the hot fries & grave they have been advertising & I bought a an Aussie BBQ burger, it was just chucked together(very untidy) I do admit as it was the only part open they were very busy, but for my money I do expect a bit more !…Oh& I bought 2 apple pies — sadly their beautiful pastry a little over done !…Total amount paid $17.50

  26. Daniel says:

    We love you maccas

  27. Carolyn Wright says:

    Friendly service. Freshly cooked

  28. Louise McConville says:

    Why when I buy happy meals for my grandchildren we don’t receive a juice, if I ask for a separate drink, we are paying full price and this is a rip off, when asked about my drinks the mama She became rude to me. Don’t like being spoken to like that, when I spoken nice to her.

  29. Ron P ATTERSON says:

    gronreat service with a smile at mccafe at Tuggerah westfield

  30. maria jenkins says:

    still not received a coupon although email acknowledgement

  31. Anonymous says:

    A big thank you goes to Dee at the Marsden Park yesterday.
    She was just so lovely and did a fantastic job! Also coffee was perfect too! ?

  32. Eileen Saleeba says:

    Love going to Maccas, love the food, the beverages a

    nd the lovely people there ?

  33. angie says:

    Great job love all the new menus also my old favorites. Quick service friendly faces.
    Keep it up Granville Branch

  34. Carmel says:

    Great job love all the new menus also my old favourites. Quick service friendly faces.

  35. Scott says:

    Maccas Green Valley really handles the arvo rush with the school kids and full drive through you are still in and out in a matter of minutes

  36. Dan says:

    I really like macs and there large 1$ blueberry

  37. Aaron says:

    Very nice and very quick

  38. Mariam says:

    Hi mac as I love you’re amazing food you are a good cookers

  39. Duraid Hanna says:

    Best and the fastest service

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