DEAL: KFC – 9 pieces for $9.95 Tuesdays

This post is updated with the latest information on one of KFC’s most popular offers – 9 pieces Original Recipe for $9.95 on Tuesdays!

Across Australia

Across Australia, it was available exclusively on the app for one day only – 12 February – unfortunately that means it’s no longer available nationwide (apart from QLD).

In Queensland, it’s available as a permanent promotion in some stores only. If you’re in QLD, scroll down for more info!

In Western Australia, it was available as a special promotion from 27 November to 18 December .

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For Queensland, it’s available all year around! Some stores have removed the promo during normal periods and have replaced it with 9 Pieces + 2 Sides for $14.95 or increased the price to $10.95. 

For the deal, you’ll get nine pieces of chicken – generally 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 ribs, 2 drumsticks and one breast piece. You may be able to swap out pieces, but this depends store by store.

You’ll also be able substitute the original recipe for Hot and Spicy chicken.

You can also get two large sides for $5.95 with your 9 for $9.95 purchase – choosing from chips, potato and gravy, coleslaw or a 1.25L drink.

Western Australia

In Western Australia, it was available as a WA exclusive promotion from 27 November to 18 December.

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If you’ve tried the $9 for $9.95 Tuesdays offer from KFC, let us know what you think in the comments!

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63 Responses

  1. Tony P Crowe says:

    We too would like the 9 piece deal back in NSW please

  2. Gavin says:

    In western Australia it was very popular…please bring it back.!!

  3. Gerard van Egmond says:

    When will the 9 pieces for $10 come back to us in Victoria ? I live halfway between Bendigo and Marybourgh in Victoria but I still travel over 70 kilometres to get it .

  4. JNg says:

    Quite a while ago, I bought the 9pcs n was short changed 1 pc. Just then got home was 8pcs again. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s 8pcs for $10.95. This is the Greenslopes store

  5. Kirsty says:

    Very disappointing that it’s a permanent promotion in Queensland but not in Western Australia. Get your act together KFC. Either have it nationwide or don’t have it at all

  6. Philip says:

    Very disappointed that it is no longer available in South Australia – it was very popular.

  7. Tom says:

    Strike that Victoria Gardens comment. It was there before 10am, tried to order it after 10am (When they open) vanished from the app 🙁

  8. Tom says:

    It’s showing today (27/11) for Victoria Gardens VIC in the App with the option to swap to H&S.

  9. James says:

    when does it end?

  10. Keith Watkins says:

    Really miss 9fpr9.95 used to get it at Kwinana wa every week
    Always bought more
    Is it gunna come back

  11. T Facey says:

    I went to your oxenford storel last week and the price of 9 pieces was$10.95 is that right

  12. V casey says:

    Sooo disappointed the 9 for $9.95 has been taken away from us in WA!

  13. Claude Ripari says:

    Whem’s the next 9 piece Tuesday special offer?

  14. Lily says:

    When is the offer for 9 pieces of chicken for $9.95 coming to Melbourne ?
    So many people waiting. Good deal though now the chicken is getting smaller pieces.
    Still having the fragrant n taste good

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