DEAL: KFC $2 Flatbread Sliders

For their latest promotion, KFC are bringing back $2 Flatbread Sliders to the menu!

KFC’s Flatbread Sliders contain an original or baked tender, lettuce and your choice of sauce – including the following options:

  • BBQ Sauce with Original Tender
  • Pepper Mayo with Original Tender
  • Aioli with Baked Tender
  • Supercharged with Baked Tender
  • Baconnaise with Baked Tender

Normally costing $2.95, it’s available at this promotional price in-stores from 30 October to 26 November.

It’s also available in a regular meal with a regular chips and regular drink for $7.95 with two sliders or in a Sliders Boxed Meal – click on the post for more info!

You can choose to swap the original or baked tender – the options listed above are the default options advertised by KFC.

It was previously available as an app-exclusive deal for one week from 24 October. For app orders, you’ll need to be in a region where KFC App ordering is available, and then you’ll need to download either the App Store or Google Play app on your phone – we’ve included the links below:

If you’ve tried KFC’s Flatbread Sliders, let us know what you think in the comments! Also let us know if you’ve located it at your store or not!

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