2019 McDonald’s Monopoly Australia Instant Win Non-Food Prizes

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Instant Win Non-Food Prize

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Winning MessageGeneric Ticket No.PrizeValue of EachMax No. of PrizesTotal Max Value
YEAR OF FREE FUELA501Free Fuel for a Year from BP$3,650.002$7,300.00
3 WHEEL MOTORCYCLEA502Can-Am Ryker 3 Wheel Motorcycle$14,899.002$29,798.00
PERSONAL WATERCRAFTA503Sea-Doo Spark Personal Watercraft$8,999.003$26,997.00
$5,000 PREPAID GIFT CARDA504$5,000 Visa Prepaid Gift Card$5,000.003$15,000.00
$5,000 TRAVEL GIFT CARDA507$5,000 Flight Centre Travel Gift Card$5,000.004$20,000.00
$2,500 TRAVEL GIFT CARDA508$2,500 Flight Centre Travel Gift Card$2,500.0011$27,500.00
$2,500 PREPAID GIFT CARDA509$2,500 Visa Prepaid Gift Card$2,500.0010$25,000.00
GAMING LAPTOPA510Lenovo Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop$3,299.005$16,495.00
EXPERIENCE PACKAGEA511Red Balloon Experience Package$2,500.003$7,500.00
YEAR OF FREE PARKINGA512Year of Free Parking from Secure Parking$8,100.005$40,500.00
$3,000 ONLINE CASHBACKA513$3,000 Online Cashback from Shopback$3,000.003$9,000.00
ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT PACKA514Sony Ultimate Entertainment Pack$6,086.854$24,347.40
SWIFTA516Suzuki Swift$17,990.002$35,980.00
SCOOTERA517Suzuki Address 110 Scooter$3,200.003$9,600.00
QUADBIKEA518Suzuki QuadSport Quadbike$3,000.003$9,000.00
YEAR OF FOOD DELIVERYA519Uber Eats Twice A Week for a Year$5,200.005$26,000.00
SEVEN NIGHT HOTEL STAYA5207 Nights with Wyndham Hotel$3,000.003$9,000.00
SMART HOME PACKAGEA521$2K Alexa Smart Home Package$2,000.0010$20,000.00
$1,000 CINEMA GIFT CARDA522$1,000 Cinema Gift Card$1,000.003$3,000.00
$1,000 PREPAID GIFT CARDA523$1,000 Visa Prepaid Gift Card$1,000.0015$15,000.00
YEAR OF FLOWER DELIVERYA524Flowers Delivered Every Month / Year of Flower Delivery$1,200.0010$12,000.00
$1,000 ONLINE SHOP VOUCHERA525$1,000 Ozsale Online Shop Voucher$1,000.0014$14,000.00
$1,000 ONLINE CASHBACKA526$1,000 Online Cashback from Shopback$1,000.0025$25,000.00
ENTERTAINMENT PACKA527Sony Entertainment Pack$2,157.9010$21,579.00
VR GAMING PACKA528Sony PlayStation VR Gaming Pack$1,239.8515$18,597.75
TWO CONCERT TICKETSA529Two Concert Tickets for Sony Music Artists$1,000.003$3,000.00
YEAR OF MOVIE RENTALSA530Free Movie Rentals For a Year$1,277.5010$12,775.00
BBQA531Weber Genesis II LX E440 BBQ$2,199.006$13,194.00
SMART SPEAKERA532Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker$79.0050$3,950.00
ARTS PACKAGEA533Artline Creative Writing Pack$114.75200$22,950.00
ULTIMATE TOOL KITA534Bahco Ultimate Tool Kit$783.5055$43,092.50
WIRELESS CHARGERA535Boostup Wireless Charger$79.95100$7,995.00
$500 FUEL GIFT CARDA536$500 BP Fuel Gift Card$500.0018$9,000.00
$100 FUEL GIFT CARDA537$100 BP Fuel Gift Card$100.0070$7,000.00
FREE PAIR OF SHOESA538Free Pair Of Ecco Shoes$299.9580$23,996.00
WEEK OF CAR RENTALA539Week of Car Rental from Europcar$500.002$1,000.00
2 PREMIUM CINEMA TICKETSA5402 Gold Class Cinema Tickets$84.0050$4,200.00
$100 TRAVEL VOUCHERA541$100 off $100 Flight Centre Travel Voucher$100.0015,000$1,500,000.00
BOARD GAME PACKAGE 1A542Hasbro Ultimate Games Package $133.96186$24,916.56
BOARD GAME PACKAGE 2A543Hasbro Board Game Package $132.97184$24,466.48
PASS GO COLLECTA544Pass Go Collect $200 Visa Gift Card$200.00100$20,000.00
CRAFTS PACKAGEA545Maped Creativ Kids Craft Pack$99.75200$19,950.00
A YEAR OF NEW MOVIESA546A Full Year of New Movies$389.00100$38,900.00
THREE MONTHS OF NEWSA547Digital Membership + Weekend Delivery$99.0030,000$2,970,000.00
$500 ONLINE SHOP VOUCHERA548$500 Ozsale Online Shop Voucher$500.0050$25,000.00
DASHCAMA549Motorola MDC500GW Dashcam$259.0060$15,540.00
MONTH OF PARKINGA5501 Month Free Parking from Secure Parking$675.0025$16,875.00
$100 ONLINE CASHBACKA551$100 Online Cashback from Shopback$100.00100$10,000.00
CAMERAA552Sony DSCWX800 High Zoom Camera$649.0010$6,490.00
$200 ENTERTAINMENT VOUCHERA555$200 Ticketek Voucher$200.00100$20,000.00
$100 FOOD DELIVERY VOUCHERA556$100 Uber Eats Food Delivery Voucher$100.00200$20,000.00
$100 GAMING VOUCHERA557$100 Ubisoft Gaming Voucher$100.0025$2,500.00
MONTH OF MOVIE RENTALSA558Free Movie Rentals for a Month$105.00100$10,500.00
FAMILY BBQA559Weber Family Q Premium Titanium$769.0025$19,225.00
BLUETOOTH THERMOMETERA560Weber iGrill Mini Bluetooth Thermometer$79.95250$19,987.50
THREE NIGHT HOTEL STAYA5613 Nights with Wyndham Hotels$750.0025$18,750.00
ONE NIGHT HOTEL STAYA5621 Night with Wyndham Hotels$250.0050$12,500.00
GUITARA563Yamaha Electric Guitar and Amp$399.998$3,199.92
KEYBOARDA564Yamaha 61-Note Keyboard$249.998$1,999.92
HOME GYMA565York Fitness Body Builder Gym$799.0010$7,990.00
$50 ONLINE GIFT CARDA566$50 Amazon Online Gift Card$50.00500$25,000.00
$50 FUEL GIFT CARDA567$50 BP Fuel Gift Card$50.00120$6,000.00
$50 RETAIL VOUCHERA568$50 City Beach Retail Voucher$50.0050$2,500.00
$5 RETAIL VOUCHERA569$5 City Beach Retail Voucher$5.0050,000$250,000.00
$50 OFF PAIR OF SHOESA570$50 Off Ecco Pair Of Shoes$50.00160,000$8,000,000.00
$20 OFF CAR RENTALA571$20 Off Europcar Car Rental$20.00200,000$4,000,000.00
CINEMA TICKETA572Free Movie Ticket$22.0010,000$220,000.00
$50 TRAVEL VOUCHERA573$50 off $500 Flight Centre Travel Voucher$50.0020,000$1,000,000.00
$50 ONLINE VOUCHERA575$50 Groupon Voucher$50.0075$3,750.00
$10 ONLINE VOUCHERA576$10 Groupon Voucher$10.00500,000$5,000,000.00
$5 ONLINE VOUCHERA577$5 Groupon Voucher$5.00500,000$2,500,000.00
MONOPOLY BOARD GAMEA578Monopoly Cash Grab Board Game$39.99186$7,438.14
MONOPOLY CARD GAMEA579Monopoly Deal Game$9.99184$1,838.16
$50 MAGAZINE VOUCHERA580$50 iSubscribe Magazine Voucher$50.00100$5,000.00
$5 MAGAZINE VOUCHERA581$5 iSubscribe Magazine Voucher$5.001,000,000$5,000,000.00
FREE DAY OUTA582Free Day Out / Free Admission Offer$25.004,200,000$105,000,000.00
FREE HOBBY SESSIONA583Free Hobby Session$20.004,200,000$84,000,000.00
RETAIL $ VOUCHERA584Retail $ Voucher Discount$5.0010,350,000$51,750,000.00
A NEW MOVIE AND MOREA585A New Movie And More$27.00150,000$4,050,000.00
MONTH OF NEWSA586One Month Digital News Membership$31.00970,000$30,070,000.00
$50 ONLINE SHOP VOUCHERA587$50 Ozsale Online Shop Voucher$50.00100$5,000.00
$10 ONLINE SHOP VOUCHERA588$10 Ozsale Online Shop Voucher$10.00125,000$1,250,000.00
FREE NIGHT/WEEKEND PARKINGA589Free Night/Weekend Parking at Secure Parking$20.00100,000$2,000,000.00
$10 ONLINE CASHBACKA590$10 Online Cashback at Shopback$10.00100,000$1,000,000.00
MINI SPEAKERA591Sony SRSXB01 Portable Speaker$49.00150$7,350.00
VINYL ALBUMA592ONE FREE VINYL ALBUM$49.994,000$199,960.00
$50 FASHION VOUCHERA593$50 The Iconic Fashion Voucher$50.00150$7,500.00
$25 MCDELIVERY VOUCHERA594$25 Mcdelivery Voucher from Uber Eats$25.001,000$25,000.00
$50 GAMING VOUCHERA595$50 Ubisoft Gaming Voucher$50.0025$1,250.00
$10 GAMING VOUCHERA596$10 Ubisoft Gaming Voucher$10.00400,000$4,000,000.00
$5 GAMING VOUCHERA597$5 Ubisoft Gaming Voucher$5.00200,000$1,000,000.00
FREE MOVIE RENTALA598Free Movie Rental$3.50500,000$1,750,000.00

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