DEAL: Hungry Jack’s Vouchers valid until 24 June 2019

Here are the latest Hungry Jack’s Vouchers and Coupons valid until 24 June 2019!

We’ve uploaded copies of these Hungry Jack’s Vouchers in both image (JPG) and PDF format!

Complete Voucher Sheet

Separate Pages

There’s a few new vouchers and a few price increases from last time. We’ve listed the additions and changes below.

Stores accept the coupons in both printed format and shown on your phone.

Unfortunately the previous vouchers that were valid until 1 April 2019 are no longer available, and can no longer be used.

Hungry Jack’s Vouchers List of Deals

The vouchers available in the latest coupon sheet are:

  • 2 Pancakes $2 (NEW)
  • Medium Battered Onion Rings for $2
  • BBQ Cheeseburger, Small Chips & Small Drink for $3.65 (NEW)
  • Bacon & Egg Muffin, Hash Brown and Small Coffee for $3.95
  • Chicken Royale Small Meal for $3.95
  • Whopper Junior Small Meal for $5
  • 2 Whopper Jrs and 2 Small Chips for $5.65
  • 10 Nuggets & Large Chips for $5.95
  • 2 Brekky Wraps for $6.95 (NEW)
  • 2 Tendercrisp for $7.95
  • 2 Whoppers $8.25 (was $7.95)
  • 2 Bacon Deluxe $8.45 (Was $8.25)
  • 2 Avocado BLT Chicken Wraps for $9.95 (NEW)
  • 2 Small Whopper Meals $11.45
  • 2 Small Tendercrisp Meals $11.45
  • 2 Hunger Tamers Meals (2 Bacon Deluxe, 2 BBQ Cheeseburgers, 6 Nuggets, 2 Medium Chips, 2 Medium Drinks) $19.95

These vouchers been removed from the vouchers that expired 1 April 2019:

  • $1 Coffee
  • Big Brekky Wrap, Hash Brown & Small Coffee $5.95
  • 2 Xtra-Long Classic Chickens for $6.25

Most stores should accept the Hungry Jack’s Vouchers image shown on your phone, or a print out version. This means you won’t need an original paper copy – although may vary by store. Otherwise, you should receive a copy in your mailbox or at your local Hungry Jack’s store. To locate your nearest Hungry Jack’s location, click here.

Have you tried Hungry Jack’s Vouchers or have had trouble using them? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Responses

  1. Kinley says:

    I was wondering why hungry is not giving any vouchers related to veggie whopper or vegan whopper?

    • Daniel says:

      If you read the fine print you are able to swap one of the burgers can’t remember if its the wopper or jnr wopper for the vegan option

  2. Brianna Chen says:

    Apparently the Dural Hungry Jacks doesn’t accept frugal feeds coupons. They said it’s based on franchise or something but i read the terms and conditions underneath and it said all stores accept it.
    What’s the point of having coupons if they don’t work? I’m really disappointed.

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