2021 McDonald’s Monopoly Australia Food Prizes

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Instant Win Food Prizes

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 PrizeMax No. of PrizesRRP of Prize
McChicken or Quarter Pounder15,475,603$6.70
Big Mac or McChicken1,595,006$6.45
Bacon & Egg or Sausage & Egg McMuffin1,196,255$4.90
McCafe Small Coffee or Tea or Soft Drink5,582,520$4.10
Cheeseburger or Sausage McMuffin3,190,011$3.65
Small Sundae or Apple Pie5,582,520$3.40
Small Soft Drink or Small Frozen Drink8.373,381$2.80
Small Fries or Fruit Bag11,165,042$2.45
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