2021 McDonald’s Monopoly Australia Prizes

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List of Non-Food Prizes

See below for a list of non-food prizes, including the Instant Win prizes and Collect to Win prizes


 PrizeRRP eachMax No. of Prizes
Volkswagen T-Cross Citylife Edition$30,3906 Total

3 Instant Win

3 Collect to WIn

Budget Car Rental for a Year$20,0001 Instant Win
One Year of Free Parking$12,30010 Instant Win
Free Year of Fuel with Ampol$4,0005 Total

2 Instant Win

3 Collect to Win

Budget Weekend Getaway$1500.0010 Instant Win
Free Continental Tyres$1,500.0010 Instant Win
One Month of Free Parking$1,02550 Instant Win
$500 Ampol Cash Gift Card$50020 Instant Win
$100 Ampol Cash Gift Card$100100 Instant Win
$50 Ampol Cash Gift Card$50200 Instant Win
One Weekday Commuter Parking$5020000 Instant Win
Budget Bucks – $30 off Budget Car Rental$30300000 Instant Win
One Night or Weekend Parking$20100000 Instant Win
$10,000 Webjet Egift Card$10,0002 Collect to Win
$5,000 Webjet Egift Card$5,0004 Instant Win
$2,000 Webjet Egift Card$2,0008 Instant Win
$1,500 Webjet Egift Card$1,50016 Instant Win
$1,000 Hotel Gift Voucher$1,00010 Instant Win
2 Night Hotel Break$500100 Instant Win
$100 off Webjet Holiday Packages$10020000 Instant Win
$50 off Webjet Holiday Packages$5050000 Instant Win
World of Warcraft Custom Gaming PC$6,0006 Total

3 Instant Win

3 Collect to Win

TPV Philips Audio Visual Pack$3084.7510 Instant Win
World of Warcraft Gaming Peripherals$160027 Instant Win
Playstation Package $989.8515 Instant Win
Action1up Arcade Machine$109920 Instant Win
Casio CDPS150 Digital Piano$899.958 Instant Win
Sony DSCWXZ800 High-Zoom Camera$729.0010 Instant Win
PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console$439.9520 Instant Win
Sony Wireless Headphones$549.9510 Instant Win
Casio CTS200 Keyboard$299.958 Instant Win
Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Speaker$299.0020 Instant Win
Instax Mini 11 Camera & 20 Pack Film$143.95100 Instant Win
TPV Philips Audio Pack$149.90300 Instant Win
$10,000 The Iconic Fashion Voucher$10,0003 Total

1 Instant Win

2 Collect to WIn

$5,000 eBay Digital Gift Card$5,0004 Total

2 Instant Win

2 Collect to Wn

$2,500 eBay Digital Gift Card$2,5008 Instant Win
$1,000 eBay Digital Gift Card$1,00010 Instant Win
$1,000 to Spend at City Beach$1,00012 Instant Win
$500 Ozsale Shopping E-Voucher$50050 Instant Win
$1,000 Ozsale Shopping E-Voucher$1,00020 Total

14 Instant Win

6 Collect to Win

$50 Ozsale Shopping E-Voucher$50100 Instant Win
$10 Ozsale Shopping E-Voucher$10125000 Instant Win
$500 The Iconic Fashion Voucher$50050 Instant Win
$250 Weber Store Gift Card $25025 Instant Win
$100 Cash from Maccas$100180 Instant Win
$75 to Spend at City Beach$75100 Instant Win
$50 Ozsale Shopping E-Voucher$50100 Instant Win
$50 Cash from Maccas$50440 Instant Win
$50 The Iconic Fashion Voucher$50500000 Instant Win
$50 Weber Store Gift Card$50200 Instant Win
Retail Discount Voucher / Retail $ Voucher$259058000 Instant Win
$10 off $40 Spend at City Beach$1050000 Instant Win
$10 eBay Digital Gift Card$102000 Instant Win
$10,000 Redballoon Gift Voucher$10,0001 Instant Win
Interflora Florist Choice$120010 Instant Win
Free Macca’s for a Year$104010 Instant Win
Interflora Luxury Hamper$157150 Instant Win
2 Free Gold Class Tickets$8690 Instant Win
$50 Redballoon Gift Voucher$50125 Instant Win
$10 Redballoon Gift Code$10250000 Instant Win
$5 Redballoon Gift Code$5250000 Instant Win
Free Day Out$252689814 Instant Win
Free Hobby Session$252689814 Instant Win
12 Audiobooks from Audible$197.40100 Instant Win
Ultimate Bacho Tool Kit$820.1685 Total

70 Instant WIn

15 Collect to Winn

$500 Credit to Use on Uber Eats$5005 Instant Win
$250 Credit to Use on Uber Eats$25050 Instant Win
$150 Credit to Use on Uber Eats$150100 Instant Win
Hasbro Fun Night with Friends Pack$156.95124 Instant Win
Hasbro Kids Games Pack$97.96124 Instant Win
Hasbro Road Trip Pack$57.96124 Instant Win
2 Month Audible Membership$32.901000000 Instant Win
Digital Magazine Subscription$19.991000000 Instant Win
Garage 3 Month Premium Pass$14.99500000 Instant Win
2 Month Funimation Subscription$15.90500000 Instant Win
7 Days of World of Warcraft Game$4.66300000 Instant Win
Makita 18V 20L Cooler & Warmer$114960 Instant Win
$10,000 Weber Outdoor Kitchen$100003 Instant Win

Instant Win Food Prizes

 PrizeMax No. of PrizesRRP of Prize
McChicken or Quarter Pounder15,475,603$6.70
Big Mac or McChicken1,595,006$6.45
Bacon & Egg or Sausage & Egg McMuffin1,196,255$4.90
McCafe Small Coffee or Tea or Soft Drink5,582,520$4.10
Cheeseburger or Sausage McMuffin3,190,011$3.65
Small Sundae or Apple Pie5,582,520$3.40
Small Soft Drink or Small Frozen Drink8.373,381$2.80
Small Fries or Fruit Bag11,165,042$2.45

Collect to Win Prizes

Collect to Win Prize Table
Prize ImageCollect one Ticket for each of these Monopoly propertiesRare TicketColour of TicketsCollect to Win PrizeValue of EachMax Collect to Win Prizes
Leicester Square
Coventry Street 
Piccadilly (rare)
PiccadillyYellowWorld of Warcraft Custom Gaming PC$6,0003
Park Lane (rare)
Park LaneDark Blue$1,000 Ozsale Shopping E-Voucher$1,0006
The Strand
Fleet Street (rare)
Trafalgar  Square
Fleet StreetRedFree Year of Fuel with Ampol$4,0003
Bow Street
Marlborough Street (rare)
Vine Street
Marlborough StreetOrangeUltimate Bacho Tool Kit$820.1615
Regent Street (rare)
Oxford Street
Bond Street
Regent StreetGreenVolkswagen T-Cross Citylife Edition$30,3903
The Angel, Islington
Euston Road (rare)
Pentonville Road
 Euston RoadLight Blue$10,000 Webjet Egift Card$10,0002
Pall Mall
Whitehall (rare)
Northumberland Avenue
WhitehallPink$5,000 eBay Digital Gift Card$5,0002
Marylebone Station
Kings Cross Station
Liverpool St Station
Fenchurch St Station (rare)
Fenchurch St Station Stations$10,000 The Iconic Fashion Voucher$10,0002
Old Kent Road (rare)
Whitechapel Road
Old Kent RoadBrown$10,000 Weber Outdoor Kitchen$10,0002
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