Rare Pieces / Rare Tickets – McDonald’s Monopoly Australia 2020

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About Rare Tickets / Rare Pieces

To win the Collect to Win Prizes, you’ll need to collect the full property set to claim the prize.

Each property set has one rare ticket – this is the ticket that you’ll really need to win the prize so make sure to hold on to it if you find one! The maximum no. of prizes column shows how many rare tickets there are in total throughout the country.

The rest are common tickets – entering them will give you a chance to open The Chest and an entry to the second chance draw.

This year, you’ll need the game board and the following tickets to win the “Collect to Win prizes”:

Collect to Win Prize Table
Collect one Ticket for each of these Monopoly properties Rare Ticket Colour of Tickets Generic Ticket No.’s Collect to Win Prize Value of Each Max No. of Prizes
Leicester Square
Coventry Street 
Piccadilly (rare)
Piccadilly Yellow A260
$5,000 Flight Centre Travel Gift Card $5,000.00 4
Park Lane (rare)
Park Lane Dark Blue A280
Volkwagen T-Cross Car $43,098.75 3
The Strand
Fleet Street (rare)
Trafalgar  Square
Fleet Street Red A250
$1,000  Ozsale Online Shop Voucher $1,000.00 6
Bow Street
Marlborough Street (rare)
Vine Street
Marlborough Street Orange A240
Year of Free Fuel from BP $3,650.00 3
Regent Street (rare)
Oxford Street
Bond Street
Regent Street Green A270
Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit $936.40 15
The Angel, Islington
Euston Road (rare)
Pentonville Road
 Euston Road Light Blue A220
Trip to Blizzard HQ $7,000.00 3
Pall Mall
Whitehall (rare)
Northumberland Avenue
Whitehall Pink A230
Flowers for a Year from Bloomex $2,500.00 5
Marylebone Station
Kings Cross Station
Liverpool St Station
Fenchurch St Station (rare)
Fenchurch St Station  Stations A290
Year of Car Rental from Europcar $20,000.00 1
Old Kent Road (rare)
Whitechapel Road
Old Kent Road Brown A210
Premium BBQ – Charbroil 4 Burner Infrared BBQ $999.00 8
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