$1,000 Home & Garden Gift Card – Hungry Jack’s UNO 2023

$1,000 Home & Garden Gift Card - Hungry Jack’s UNO 2023 3This page contains info on the $1,000 Home & Garden Gift Card prize for Hungry Jack’s UNO 2023! Or click here for our feature post with the latest game info and prize information!

Terms and Conditions

1. Each $1,000 Home & Garden Gift Card prize consists of one (1) x $1000 Home & Garden Cards.

2. The Promotional Partner and the distributor of the $1,000 Home & Garden Gift Card is

Special.Com.Au Pty Ltd (“Special”) (ABN 99 652 350 715).

3. ‘Special Card’ and ‘Card’ means the Special Physical Card & Pays-enabled Card issued by 545490 Pty Ltd, ABN 83 648 605 225

4. The Card can be used for purchasing goods and services at participating Home & Garden merchants, where the Card is accepted for electronic transactions (excluding transactions at ATMs or over the counter at financial institutions). The Card can be used as a debit or credit card and cannot be linked to any deposit account. Please note, some merchants may not accept the Card.

5. The Card cannot be used to make transactions that exceed the Card’s available balance.

To complete such a transaction, you will need to pay the difference by another method, if the merchant agrees.

6. The Card is not reloadable and may be subject to value limits. It is only valid and useable until the expiry date shown on the website and the mobile Device. While the Card has an expiry, the value of your Card does not expire. Please contact Special in regards to any unspent funds upon expiry.

7. Once issued to You, the Card must be activated by using a 6 digit code used for verifying your Device and/or during an identification verification check (“Activation Code”), within 30 minutes of receiving the code. If you do not enter the code in time, you can request a new code to be sent.

8. The Card can only be used subject to the merchant’s terms and conditions. Authorisations may be declined at some merchants (such as gambling merchants or merchants who Special choose or those that do not to accept the Card). Special are not liable in any way when authorisation is declined for any particular transaction, except where the authorisation has been declined because of an act or omission on our part.

9. Note that Special may also add and remove merchants at any given time and will update the website and app accordingly. Special is not liable for any delays in updating corresponding website and app lists where changes to the merchants list have been made.

10. Special is responsible for providing certain cardholder services, including providing the Gift Card and assisting customers with any enquiries regarding the use of the Special Gift Card.

11. Special Gift Card Product Terms and Conditions Apply and are available at https://www.special.com.au/terms-conditions

12. Special Cards are not exchangeable for cash. No cash out facilities are available to the card. The Gift Card is not a cash substitute. You have no rights to, and You agree that You will not attempt to:

a) redeem a Gift Card for cash, reload it, return it for a refund or have balances of multiple Gift Cards consolidated to a new Gift Card; or

b) use a Gift Card for cash equivalent transactions (such as bill payments, purchase of financial products or foreign currency or gambling transactions).

13. Special Gift Cards will expire on the date indicated on the face of the Gift Card.