Hungry Jack’s Menu Prices (July 2022)

Hungry Jack's Menu & Prices

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Whopper & Beef Range

Item OnlySmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
Whopper Cheese$7.90$11.30$12.30$13.30
Double Whopper$9.10$12.50$13.50$14.50
Double Whopper Cheese$10.70$14.10$15.10$16.10
Triple Whopper Cheese$13.50$16.90$17.90$18.90
Ultimate Double Whopper$11.80$15.20$16.20$17.20
Whopper Junior$5.90$9.30$10.30$11.30
Whopper Junior Cheese$6.30$9.70$10.70$11.70
Outlaw Big Jack$7.65$11.05$12.05$13.05
Smokehouse Whopper$8.55$11.95$12.95$13.95
Double Smokehouse Whopper$12.45$15.85$16.85$17.85
Triple Smokehouse Whopper$16.35$19.75$20.75$21.75
Bacon Deluxe$7.80$11.20$12.20$13.20
Baconator Deluxe$9.10$12.50$13.50$14.50
Big Jack$7.35$10.75$11.75$12.75
Rebel Whopper$7.10$10.50$11.50$12.50
Rebel Whopper Cheese$7.90$11.30$12.30$13.30
The Aussie$8.50$11.90$12.90$13.90
Double Aussie$11.45$14.85$15.85$16.85
Triple Aussie$14.25$17.65$18.65$19.65
Double BBQ Bacon Stacker$7.80$11.20$12.20$13.20
Double Cheeseburger$5.55$8.95$9.95$10.95
Triple Cheeseburger$6.75$10.15$11.15$12.15
BBQ Cheeseburger$2.00$7.05$8.05$9.05
Hash Brown Cheeseburger$3.70$7.10$8.10$9.10
Cheesy Cheeseburger$2.00$5.95$6.95$7.95

Angus Grill Masters Range

Item OnlySmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
Pulled Beef & Angus$10.65$14.05$15.05$16.05
Bacon & Cheese Angus$9.85$13.25$14.25$15.25
Double Bacon & Cheese Angus$12.85$16.25$17.25$18.25
Smoky BBQ Angus$9.65$13.05$14.05$15.05
Double Smoky BBQ Angus$12.65$16.05$17.05$18.05

Chicken Range

Item OnlySmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
Tendercrisp Cheesy Bacon$8.90$12.30$13.30$14.30
Tendercrisp Classic$7.10$10.50$11.50$12.50
Tendercrisp Cheesy Bacon Spicy$8.90$12.30$13.30$14.30
Tendercrisp Spicy$7.10$10.50$11.50$12.50
Grilled Chicken Spicy$7.10$10.50$11.50$12.50
Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese$8.90$12.30$13.30$14.30
Grilled Chicken$7.10$10.50$11.50$12.50
Chicken Royale$3.00$6.40$7.40$8.40
6 Nuggets Value Meal$9.00$10.00
12 Nuggets Value Meal$12.20$13.20

Box & Shared Meals

Super Stunners include small chips, small drink, 3 Nuggets, sauce and a Mini Drumstick.

Hunger Tamers include medium chips, medium drink, 3 Nuggets and BBQ Cheeseburger or Chicken Royale.

Menu ItemSmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
Cheeseburger Super Stunner$6.95$7.95$8.95
Double Cheeseburger Super Stunner$8.05$9.05$10.05
Triple Cheeseburger Super Stunner$9.05$10.05$11.05
Chicken Royale Super Stunner$8.05$9.05$10.05
Bacon Deluxe Hunger Tamer$15.15$16.15
Whopper Hunger Tamer$14.45$15.45
Grilled Chicken Hunger Tamer$16.25$17.25
Tendercrisp Hunger Tamer$14.45$15.45
Feast Bundle$34.95$37.95$40.95
Family Bundle$26.95$29.95$32.95

Penny Pinchers Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Small Chips$1.00
Small Sundae$2.00
Hash Brown before 11am$1.00
BBQ Cheeseburger$2.50
Chicken Royale$3.00
Cheesy Cheeseburger$2.00

Breakfast Range

Menu ItemPricePrice (Value Meal)
Hash Brown$1.00
Pancakes with Butter & Syrup$3.00
Cheese Toastie$2.00
Ham & Cheese Toastie$2.50
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Toastie$2.95
Sausage & Egg Muffin$3.50$6.45
Bacon & Egg Muffin$3.50$6.45
BBQ Brekky Wrap$4.95$7.95
BBQ Big Brekky Wrap$5.95$8.95
Brekky Super Stunner$5.95


Menu ItemSmallMediumLarge
Thick Cut Chips$1.00$3.15$3.75
Angry Onions$3.30$3.80$5.00
Loaded Cheesy Chips$3.95
3 Nuggets & Chips Carry Cup$3.50
3 Nuggets & Sauce$3.90
6 Nuggets & Sauce$5.20
12 Nuggets & Sauce$8.70


Menu ItemPrice
Honey Mustard$0.50
Sweet Chilli$0.50
Sweet and Sour$0.50
BBQ Plum$0.50


Menu ItemPrice
Chocolate/Strawberry/Caramel Sundae$2.00 (small promo)
$4.45 (large)
Oreo Storm$4.75
Flake Storm$4.75
M & M Minis Storm$4.75
Soft Serve Cone$0.70
Drumstick Mini$2.00
Sticky Date Pudding$3.95

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Frozen Coke/Fanta$1 (large)
Frozen Spider$2 (large)
Coke/Diet Coke/Coke No Sugar/Fanta/Fanta Raspberry/Sprite$2.90 (small)
$3.40 (medium)
$3.85 (large)
Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry/Caramel Thickshake$3.55 (small)
$4.10 (medium)
$4.95 (large)
Deluxe Thickshake (Oreo/Chocolatye/Caramel/Strawberry)$4.05
Orange Juice$3.25 (small)
$3.75 (medium)
$4.15 (large)
Keri Apple Juice$3.65
Mount Franklin Spring Water$3.40
Sparkling Mount Franklin Water$3.85

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Flat White
Long Black
Hot Chocolate
Dilmah Tea
$3.25 (Small)
$3.75 (Medium)
$4.25 (Large)

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