NEWS: Cadbury Dairy Milk – Crunchy Crackers & Sweet Biscuits

20150925 Cadbury CrackersThis post was originally posted on our sister site,, which features all the latest on food and consumer products eating in and at the supermarket!

Cadbury have launched their new chocolate/biscuit fusion range, combining their famous Dairy Milk chocolate with your choice of sweet biscuits or salty crackers.

Cadbury Dairy Milk & Crunchy Crackers 
delivers both a sweet and salty flavour sensation by combining Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with slightly salted crackers. On the other hand, Cadbury Dairy Milk & Sweet Biscuits, as the name suggests, keeps it completely sweet by featuring Dairy Milk Chocolate with sweet crunchy biscuits.

20150925 Cadbury BiscuitsBoth are available in a 35g individual serving, featuring 4 biscuit portions per packet, and are available in Supermarkets now for around $2 RRP, the same price as other Cadbury medium sized bars.

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