DEAL: 7-Eleven – $1 Large Slurpee

1-large-slurpee7-Eleven are offering Large Slurpees for just $1!

There’s a huge range of frozen Slurpee drink flavours available, including classic flavours like Cola and Raspberry, as well as Slurpee Zilched, which contain less than 1% sugar. For a list of all the flavours, click here.

They’re were around $3.00 each, so this represents a massive saving of $2.00!

You can also get a Small Slurpee for 80c, a Supersize Slurpee for $2 and a Mega Slurpee for $3!

To locate your closest 7-Eleven store, click here.

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Credit to limitilbur on Ozbargain for the original post.

2 Responses

  1. Sargon says:

    Nice slurpee

  2. Anonymous says:

    its fine it really says everything in the title tbh its lit

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