NEW: Shapes Extreme – Spicy Kickin’ Chicken, Loaded Mexican Mania & Mega Cheeseburger


20151029 ShapesArnott’s have introduced two new flavours to their Shapes Extreme Range – Spicy Kickin’ Chicken, Loaded Mexican Mania and Mega Cheeseburger!

Like other Shapes varieties, they’re oven baked and not fried but unlike other Shapes varieties, they’re designed to have a bigger crunch and more intense flavours!

From Arnott’s official promotional material:

Bringing extreme crunch and intense flavours all in bites of oven baked awesomeness, Shapes Extreme is exploding onto shelves everywhere!

The flavours bring innovation and excitement to the Flavoured Snacks category with a BOLD pack design, a MASSIVE FLAVOUR HIT, and ATTITUDE that will help meet your  constant hunger!

The new flavours are now available in shops everywhere – with the exception of the Mega Cheeseburger flavour which is exclusive to Coles.

They’re now available in 120-130g boxes, and retail for about $2.99 per box.

Stay tuned to this post for the latest news and reviews on Shapes Extreme, or let us know what you think in the comments!

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