NEWS: New Shapes Barbecue, Shapes Pizza and new Shapes flavours

Barbecue-175g-300-x-240Arnott’s have changed the recipe of some of their most popular Shapes flavours – including Barbecue, Pizza, Cheese & Bacon and Cheddar.

The new Shapes flavours have the flavouring baked into the biscuit with seasoning sprinkled on both sides of the biscuit. Arnott’s says that the new Shapes recipes have more flavour than the old recipe, and have a higher health star rating than the previous recipe.

The new changed flavours are (with descriptions provided by Arnott’s):

  • Shapes Barbecue: Mild sweet tomato tang followed by rich tomato, moderate onion/garlic savoury notes and mild herb/spiciness which finishes with mild smokiness and a lingering tomato tang.
  • Shapes Pizza: Moderate savoury & tangy tomato, moderate tomato paste, mild cheese & pizza crust notes and finishes with moderate oregano/herb and a lingering mild creamy cheese.
  • Shapes Cheddar: Moderate salty & savoury melted and toasted cheese notes which finishes with a mild creamy cheese/dairy note that lingers.
  • Shapes Cheese & Bacon: Moderate salty & smoky bacon, savoury sweet garlic and a mild salty bacon & creamy cheese that lingers.
  • Shapes Nacho Cheese: Moderate tomato salsa & nacho spice, savoury cooked onion/garlic, mild tomato tang and finished with a mild sweet & creamy cheese that lingers.

For fans of the old Shapes recipes, Arnott’s are keeping somPizza-190g-300-x-240e of the original flavours – Shapes Original BarbecueShapes Chicken Crimpy and Shapes Savoury.

At the same time, Arnott’s have introduced brand new Shapes flavours – Shapes Roast Chicken and Shapes Hot Dog. To read more about the new Shapes flavours, click here!

If you’ve tried the new Shapes recipeslet us know what you think in the comments!

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