NEWS: Shapes Roast Chicken & Hot Dog

Roast-Chicken-165g-300-x-240Arnott’s have launched two new limited edition flavours to the Shapes range – Roast Chicken and Hot Dog!

According to Arnotts, Shapes Roast Chicken has the following flavours “moderate salty roast chicken, moderate chicken stuffing, savoury/umami and mild lemon, chicken and herb notes linger.

Shapes Hot Dog has the following flavours “mild sweet tomato tang, mild frankfurt, moderate vinegar, mustard and sweet balance.”

Shapes Roast Chicken is available across supermarkets and other stores nationwide, while Shapes Hot Dog is exclusive to Coles. They retail for $3.00 per box at supermarkets, and as mentioned, they’re available for a limited time only so get in quick to try them!

Hot-Dog-190g-300-x-240At the same time, Arnotts have introduced brand new formulations of some of their classic Shapes flavours, including Shapes Barbecue, Pizza and others. To read more about the new Shapes flavour changes, click here.

If you’ve tried the new Shapes flavourslet us know what you think in the comments!

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