NEWS: Tim Tam Choc Banana


20151012 Tim TamArnott’s have launched their newest Tim Tam flavour, Choc Banana and it’s now available exclusively at Coles!

Tim Tam Choc Banana replaces the chocolate cream in a classic Tim Tam with a banana flavoured cream, which is encased in Tim Tam biscuit and covered in Arnott’s real chocolate.

The staff here at have tried them out, and here are our thoughts: The banana cream in the Tim Tam tastes just like banana flavoured lollies, so if you’re a fan of those and you like Tim Tams, you’ll love this new flavour combination from Arnott’s.

Tim Tam Choc Banana retails for around $3.50 for a 165g pack of nine biscuits, and as previously mentioned, are available exclusively at Coles.

Stay tuned to this post for the latest news and reviews on Tim Tam Choc Banana, or let us know what you think in the comments!

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