DEAL: 7-Eleven – $3 Salad on Monday-Wednesday (starts 25 November 2019)

Every Monday to Wednesday starting 28 October, 7-Eleven are offering Salads for $3! 

You can choose from any salad within the $5 and $7.50 range.

The range and variety of sushi may vary by store, and there’s a limit of five salads per transaction.

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Thanks to brandogs on Ozbargain

4 Responses

  1. Tezza says:

    Teriyaki Chicken is one of the best takeaway salads I’ve ever had. It’s enough for a small meal, so even at $7.50 it’s good value. I hesitate at recommending this, because already they seem to be having trouble keeping up with the demand. As I work shifts, I have trouble getting to the shops in the morning, so I’ve been missing out.

  2. Anon says:

    The teriyaki chicken is amazing! Shame they usually didn’t have any when I went in though or it was expiring the same day if you came in in the evening after work so couldn’t buy for lunch the next day. Rarely had the Cesar either. Mexican is nice. Always tonnes of the more boring and cheaper garden and superfood ones in the fridge but no inclination to buy those. Definitely worth $3 but probably won’t buy it often for $7.50.

    • Teri White says:

      It really is. I crave it. They don’t have it often, probably because people snap it up after trying it once. Just delicious.

  3. Prisca says:

    Had the Teriyaki chicken salad 🥗
    It was very good !!!tasty and fresh!!!!
    Unbeatable price!!!!
    Back tomorrow for some more.
    Best take away salad I had in a long time.

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