Retail $ Voucher / Retail Discount Voucher – McDonald’s Monopoly Australia 2023

Retail $ Voucher / Retail Discount Voucher - McDonald’s Monopoly Australia 2023 5This page contains info on the Retail $ Voucher prize for Macca’s Monopoly Australia 2023! Or click here for our feature post with the latest game info, rare pieces and prize information!

Claim your Retail Discount

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List of Retail Discounts

Note: This post may contain some information from previous years Macca’s Monopoly – we’re still in the process of updating it for 2023!

  • $100 off P&O Cruises
  • $50 off $500 at Webjet
  • $100 off $1000 at Webjet
  • $10 off York Fitness
  • $10 off $40 on Full Price at City Beach
  • $15 off $75 on Full Price at City Beach
  • $22 off $100 on Full Price at City Beach
  • $35 off $150 on Full Price at City Beach
  • $45 off $200 on Full Price at City Beach
  • $30 off $150 at The Iconic
  • $50 off $200 at The Iconic
  • $75 off $300 at The Iconic
  • $50 off $200 at Ozsale
  • $75 off $300 at Ozsale
  • $10 off Experience Oz
  • $10 off isubscribe
  • $10 off Klook
  • $10 discount on your admission to Merlin (Treetop Walk/Madame Tussauds/Wildlife Sydney Zoo/Sea Life Aquarium/Sydney Tower Eye/legoland)

Retail $ Voucher / Retail Discount Voucher - McDonald’s Monopoly Australia 2023 6

Terms and Conditions

1. Each Retail $ Voucher prize comprises of one (1) x discount code/evoucher with a nominated valued $10.00, some Retail $ Vouchers have a higher value
2. The Promotional Partner for the Retail $ Voucher prize is J&C Advertising Pty Ltd ABN
29145608368) (“J&C”).
3. Each Retail $ Voucher prize entitles the winner to one (1) discount code/evoucher for use at a participating prize partners’ website or venue, as listed on the promotional website at, subject to the terms stated here. Prize winners will be able to choose one from a selection of prize partners as detailed on the promotional website. The number and dollar value of the available discount code/evoucher per prize partner is listed on the promotional website.
4. To claim a discount code/evoucher, winners must enter their Unique Prize Code and any required Personal Information on the relevant promotional website. Winners must then select a participating prize partner or venue on the promotional website to claim a Retail $ Voucher discount code/evoucher, which will be sent via email to the winner’s nominated email address within twentyfour (24) hours.
5. To use a discount evoucher follow the instructions provided. Some evouchers may be presented via your smartphone. Other venues require the evoucher to be printed and the Retail $ Voucher winning ticket attached and presented at the time of use to ensure the specified discount is applied.
Where the prize has been won by other means, for example, via a free game email from
McDonald’s, a copy of the email is required in lieu of the winning ticket. ID may be required for presentation with the evoucher as proof of identity. If alternative or additional instructions apply, these will be noted on the evoucher.
6. To use a discount code, winners must follow the instructions; visit the prize partners website and enter the code when advised. 7. The discount code/evoucher can only be used at the chosen prize partners’ website or venue (as printed on the evoucher). The discount code/evoucher does not provide any preferential treatment to the prize winner.
8. Winners should keep a copy of their Retail $ Voucher winning ticket, which may be required to validate their original win.
9. Only one (1) discount code/evoucher may be used per transaction, unless otherwise stated.
10. Discount codes/evouchers are valid for one (1) use until 31 March 2024. At some prize partner venues, additional restrictions on validity, age and height restrictions may apply – please check with the chosen prize partner/participating venue.
11. The last date to choose and claim a discount code/evoucher via the promotional website is 23:59 on 31 October 2023.
12. Discount codes/evouchers can be claimed online only. Access to the Internet is required. Costs associated with accessing the promotional website remain a winner’s responsibility and may vary depending on the Internet service or telecommunications provider used.
13. It is the responsibility of the winners to use their discount code/evoucher by the specified expiry date.
14. Discount codes/evouchers cannot be transferred, sold, exchanged for cash or an alternative prize.
15. Use of discount codes/evouchers are subject to promotional availability and their use may be limited during public and school holidays and other peak periods.
16. Discount codes/evouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or special offer.
17. J&C, its respective agents and distributors are not liable for lost, stolen or damaged discount codes/evouchers.
18. J&C, its respective agents and distributors will not be responsible or liable to compensate the purchaser or other bearer or accept any liability for any personal loss or injury occurring as a result of participating in this prize.
19. J&C, its respective agents and distributors do not make any contractual promise or representation regarding the quality and/or availability of the services offered by the prize partners/participating venues and cannot be held liable for any resulting personal loss or damage. Any statutory rights the winners may have remain unaffected.
20. Any dispute pertaining to the use of a discount code/evoucher is strictly between the winner and the participating prize partner/participating venue.
21. The Retail $ Voucher prizes are subject to promotional availability. J&C reserves the right to withdraw and then substitute a Retail $ Voucher discount code/evoucher with another prize of equal or greater value, subject to any written directions made under applicable State or Territory legislation. For example, if a prize supplier/ venue closes, a replacement Retail $ Voucher discount evoucher/code may be issued for another prize supplier/venue.
22. Timeframes for delivery indicated in these terms and conditions may be affected by circumstances outside of the control of J&C, including, but not limited to strikes, fires, floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters, pandemics, acts of terrorism, and blackouts. J&C will not be liable for delays caused by circumstances outside of its control.
23. J&C collects personal information in order to award the Retail $ Voucher prize and may, for this purpose, disclose such information to third parties, including but not limited to agents, contractors, service providers, prize suppliers and, as required, to Australian regulatory authorities. Prize claims are conditional on providing this information. All prize redemption details become the property of the Promotional Partner. J&C’s Privacy Policy can be found at
24. Questions or queries regarding this prize can be emailed to J&C at [email protected].

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