NEWS: Dark Maltesers now available in Australia

20150922 MaltesersThis post was originally posted on our sister site,, which features all the latest on food and consumer products eating in and at the supermarket!

Maltesers are now available in Dark Chocolate form! Featuring crisp malt centres and covered in dark chocolate, they’re new and now available at supermarkets across Australia.

They’re available in 140g bag (a sneaky reduction from the 155g normal Maltesers are in), and generally retail for about $4.25.

Stay tuned to this post for the latest news and reviews on Dark Maltesers, or let us know what you think in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Make the dark maltesers in the 520g bucket good sales gardenteed $$$$$$$$ for Mars company and make more dark chocolate. items and products for those that like dark but hate milk chocolate Boost your sales 10 fold cheers and take care.

  2. Joy cook says:

    Love the dark maltesers, for someone who does not eat milk chocolate, these are a nice treat, especially when nestle stopped making their dark kit Kat . Well done

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