DEAL: Oporto Chicken Mealboxes from $11

oporto-chicken-boxOporto have introduced new chicken Mealbox options from just $10 each!

There’s two different chicken options:

  • Quarter Chicken Mealbox ($11): with quarter chicken, pita bread, garlic dip and one side
  • Half Chicken Mealbox ($16): with half chicken, pita bread, garlic dip and two sides

Sides include chips, portuguese tomato salad, garden salad, grilled corn, spicy rice, crunchy slaw and more.

Also available is the Bondi Mealbox for $10, with a Bondi Burger, Bondi Bite, Spicy Rice, Small Chips & 375ml Drink.

To locate your closest Oporto store and to try out the new Mealboxes, Click here to find your closest location.

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If you’ve tried Oporto’s Mealboxes, let us know what you think in the comments!

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3 Responses

  1. Tracey says:

    Just visited canning vale Oporto. Wanted 🤭$10 bondi box only to be told wasn’t available ???

    • Ya Mom says:

      Maybe the offer was already finished. Also certain Oporto franchises don’t offer a certain deal. I see many complain about such, and never research or look into the fine details. Ever thought about that?….

  2. Umesh says:

    I just paid 11$for 1 qtr chicken meal. Its supposed to be 10$

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