Oporto Prices & Menu Australia (June 2021)

This page contains the latest menu, price list and pricing information for Oporto!

Note: In-store prices to be updated. Delivery prices are generally 10-30% higher than In-store prices.

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Meals include chips and a soft drink.

Menu Item Price Price (Regular Meal with Chips & Drink)
Bondi Burger $10.00 Double (Delivery)
$11.50 Triple (Delivery)
Otropo Burger $11.50 Double (Delivery)
$13.00 Triple (Delivery)
Chicken BLT Burger
Oprego Burger $11.00 Double (Delivery)
$12.50 Triple (Delivery)
Veggie Burger $10.00 (Delivery)
Chicken & Cheese Burger

Wraps and Salads

Meals include chips and a soft drink.

Menu Item Price Price (Regular Meal with Chips & Drink)
Chicken Embrulho $11.50 (Delivery) $12.50
Chicken Taca $11.50 (Delivery)
Chicken Rappa $10.50 (Delivery) $12.50
Chicken Rappsnacker $3.50
Chicken Salad $11.00 (Delivery)


Menu Item Price
Flame Grilled Chicken 1/4 $8.50 (Delivery)
1/2 $12.50 (Delivery)
Whole $19 (Delivery)
Grilled Chicken Tenders 5 for $11, 10 for $20 (Delivery)

Bites & Snacks

Menu Item Price
Chilli Cheese Chips
Spicy Chicken Bolas $8 Large (Delivery)
Crispy Chicken Strips 5 for $9, 8 for $12 (Delivery)
Red Jalapeno Bites $4.50 for 3 (Delivery)


Menu Item Price
Portuguese Loaded Chips with 390ml Drink $10.00
Bondi Chicken Box
Loaded Feed
Deluxe Feed
1/4 Chicken Box $11
1/2 Chicken Box $16


Menu Item Price
Chicken & Egg Deluxe
Oporto Big Breakfast
Bacon & Egg Burger
Chicken & Egg Burger
Hash Brown

Sides & Desserts

Menu Item Price
Chips Large $5.50, X-Large $7 (Delivery)
Spicy Rice $7.00 Large (Delivery)
Crunchy Slaw $7.00 Large (Delivery)
Portuguese Salad $7.00 Large (Delivery)
Pita Bread $14 for 4 + Dip (Delivery)
Seasoned Avocado
Grilled Corn $7.00 Large (Delivery)
Garden Side Salad $7.00 Large (Delivery)
Ben & Jerrys
Chocolate Mousse $4.50 (Delivery)

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