NEWS: Uncle Tobys Steel Cut Oats and Ancient Grains Range

20160411 Uncle TobysUncle Tobys have introduced two new product ranges to their oats range – Steel Cut Oats and Ancient Grains.

According to Uncle Tobys, their Steel Cut Oats are “all-natural wholegrain oats, chopped into pieces with steel blades for a full, hearty texture and rich nutty taste that is ready in just 3 minutes. Although the outer husk of the kernel is removed, the bran and germ remain intact – giving you all the nutritional goodness of a complete wholegrain. Steel Cut Oats are coarser than traditional rolled oats, so they have a longer cooking time or you can soak them overnight for a speedier cook and a satisfying healthy start to your day.”

While Uncle Tobys Ancient Grains feature a blend of four wholegrains – 100% Australian oats with added rye, puffed millet and quinoa.

Uncle Tobys Ancient Grains are available in a 700g packet, while Uncle Tobys Ancient Grains are available in a 800g packet. They both retail for $5.99 per packet.

If you’ve tried Uncle Tobys new products, let us know what you think in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. Love My Oats says:

    Ancient Grains is great. I add more milk than what they suggest (1 cup), and add a diced banana before cooking it in the microwave. Then I pop in 2 tsp psylium husk, 2 tsp LSA, and cinnamon when it comes out of the microwave (hubby douses it in honey) and wait for it to thicken. Tastes so good you think it is naughty, and bonus is I feel full all morning. Wash it down with a cup of tea and you’re on your way really.

  2. Heather Evans says:

    I have only recently tried your Ancient Grains and I love them. This has now become my breakfast of choice. It is tasty and filling and importantly for me does not need sweetening. Your directions for making it on the packet state to use skim milk though, which I would never do. I use organic soy milk, but if I was to use milk it would be full cream. I also add a teaspoon of chia seed. Your ancient grains are a winner for me.

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