DEAL: Oporto – 10,000 Free Double Fillet Bondi Burgers (until Nov 6, purchase required)

Oporto are giving away 10,000 Free Double Fillet Bondi Burgers, worth $7.50 each, when you make a purchase and have an Oporto Flame membership!

To enter, make any purchase, where you’ll get a link to the promotion to claim a free burger. You’ll need to be one of the first 714 entrants each day. The promotion runs for 14 days – until 6 November – so there are 10,000 to give away!

To sign up for Flame Rewards, and to enter this promo, click here.

From the website:

To enter, eligible entrants must, during the Promotional Period, make ANY purchase at an Oporto’s restaurant and have their Oporto Flame membership card swiped at the point of purchase. Entrants who are verified members as described above will then receive an email to the email address associated with their membership, containing a link to the promotional entry website.

The first 714 entries received on each day of the Promotional Period, except the final day, and the first 718 entries receive on the final day of the Promotional Period, will each be awarded the prize outlined in clause 14 below. There are 10,000 prizes in total to be won over the Promotional Period.

Each prize is a voucher for one (1) Double Fillet Bondi Burger valued at $7.50 RRP. The voucher will be uploaded to each winner’s Oporto Flame membership and redeemable in Oporto stores via swiping of the Oporto Flame membership card. Voucher is redeemable within 7 days from the date of transaction.

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