DEAL: Chatime – 3 Hot Fruity Teas for $3

Chatime are offering 3 Hot Fruity Teas for $3!

You’ll need to purchase the offer through their website here.

Once you’ve purchased the offer, an email containing a login page and login details will be sent to you, which you can log in and show the offer to a Chatime staff member who will redeem the offer.

Once you redeem the offer, you have two days to redeem the remaining 2 teas.

Terms and conditions are as follows:

The Promotion entitles individuals to purchase 3 Chatime teas for $3 on the terms and conditions set out below. Individuals can participate in the Promotion during the period 1 June – 27 Jul 2019 only, by visiting Individuals will be prompted to enter their personal details and payment details in order to purchase the Promotion. Once the Promotion has successfully been purchased, an email containing a login page and login details will be sent to the individual’s nominated email address. Customers can then login at using the login details provided in order to start redeeming their teas. .

To redeem in-store, customers must login at and show their dashboard to a Chatime staff member. The staff member will select the store and the tea redeemed in the two dropdowns and press “Claim Now”. Once the first tea has been redeemed by the customer, a countdown will appear on the dashboard and the customer has two days to redeem their remaining 2 teas.

Please note the following:

• This is a non-refundable promotion;

• The offer can be purchased 1 June – 27 July 2019;

• Customers must redeem their first tea by 28 Jul 2019 in order to redeem all 3 teas before the Promotion end on 31 Jul 2019;

• Only one tea can be redeemed per day;

• Once the first tea has been redeemed, the remaining two teas must be redeemed on the following two consecutive days;

• The promotion is available on the hot fruity range only but excludes lemon and blueberry flavours;

• The Promotion can be redeemed at any Chatime store Australia wide;

• The Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer;

• Chatime loyalty points cannot be earned in the Promotion

To take advantage of this deal, click here to find your closest store.

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