What’s Open Christmas – McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Oporto, Red Rooster & Subway

If you’re hungry and wondering what’s open this Christmas Day 2020, here’s how you can find out what’s open across all the major fast food outlets in Australia!


Around half of Macca’s 900 stores across Australia are open on Christmas Day. You’ll find that most standalone stores will be open this Christmas, while those in food courts or in shopping centres are closed.

Unfortunately, Macca’s doesn’t publish a list of stores online on their website – but you’ll be able to check whether a store is accepting orders on the Mymacca’s app. To download the app, click on one of these links:

You can also call up your closest store to find out whether they’re open. You can find a phone number for your store here.

Hungry Jack’s

Some Hungry Jack’s stores are open on Christmas – with food court stores in shopping centres are closed and some standalone stores opening up.

You can find out whether your store is open this Christmas on their website – click here to search!


Most stores will be closed, however, some individual stores will be open.

KFC doesn’t publish a list of stores open on their website, however, you can check whether your store is accepting orders on the app. Click here to download the KFC App:


Most Domino’s stores in Australia will be open – however, a 20% public holiday surcharge will apply. To find your closest Domino’s, click here.

Pizza Hut

Most Pizza Hut stores in Australia are open (apart from Express Food Court stores) – and a 15% public holiday surcharge applies. To find your closest store, click here.


Most Subway stores in Australia will be closed.

However, you can check out whether your closest store is open at the moment on their website – click here!

Red Rooster

Some Red Rooster stores will be open this Christmas – You can check whether Red Rooster is accepting orders today on their website – click here!


Some Oporto stores will be open this Christmas – Oporto no longer publishes a list of Christmas Day trading hours online – however you can try calling up your closest store by click here.

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