IMPRESSIONS: Oyakodon @ Sushi Kotobuki

In Japanese cuisine, there are a lot of dishes that I would consider as ‘comfort food’. Oyakodon (親子丼) is one which warms the soul and brings in the chicken and the egg debate. I picked this rice bowl for lunch as a warmer alternative to the numerous sushi dishes due to the chilly weather we have been having in Brisbane recently.


For me, the combination of an eggy sauce, onion, seaweed topping and tender chicken with rice is a winner. For those that have a bigger appetite, opt for the larger size ($10.50). The one pictured here is the regular size ($8.00) and is a decent size for a lighter meal – possibly adding an Agedashi Tofu or one of their sushi rolls on the side wouldn’t hurt for a more substantial meal!

Price: $8.00
Verdict: Recommended!
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    Great review – thanks Orson!

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