DEAL: Red Rooster $25 Mates Share Pack (2 Rippa Rolls, 2 Rooster Rolls, Family Chips)

Red Rooster have introduced the new Mates Share Pack!

It features all of the following for $25:

  • 2 Rippa Rolls
  • 2 Rooster Rolls
  • Family Chips

All the items would normally cost around $40 separately, so you’ll save around $15 with the deal!

It’s one of heaps of new menu items and promotions on the Red Rooster menu – including:

Click here to find your closest Red Rooster store to try it out!

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  1. Myra says:

    Went to my local red rooster store at North Lakes to try this deal to be told they didn’t offer this anymore. When I told them it was a current deal they still did not honour it.

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