NEWS: Red Rooster – New Lamb Roll, Lamb Wrap, Fish Roll & Fish Wrap

Red Rooster have launched brand new menu items featuring Lamb and Fish!

The Lamb Roll features a crunchy roll filled with slow cooked lamb, rocket, tomato and our Garlic & Herb sauce.

The Lamb Wrap features slow cooked lamb, rocket, Pumpkin Couscous and our Garlic & Herb sauce in a soft tortilla wrap.

The Fish Roll features 2 Pieces of Fish served in a Roll with Lettuce & Classic Herb Mayo, while the Fish Wrap features the same – but in a tortilla wrap.

You can get the new Lamb Roll with a 250ml coke for $10! The other items generally costs around $8.00 by itself, but prices do vary by store.

It’s one of heaps of new menu items and promotions on the Red Rooster menu – including:

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