NEWS: Guzman Y Gomez – Free Burrito for RFS Volunteers and Emergency Workers and their Families (18-19 January 2020)

ON Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 January 2020, Guzman Y Gomez are offering a Free Burrito for all RFS Volunteers and Emergency Workers, and their families. 

To claim this offer, present your ID or come in uniform on the day.

From Facebook:

Not all heroes wear capes. Our RFS and emergency workers in Australia are our heroes. Like everyone we have been devastated watching the bushfires destroy so many of our beautiful communities in Australia. GYG would like to invite all RFS volunteers and emergency workers, and their families to any GYG nationally on 18-19 January to have a burrito on us. Simply come in uniform or show your ID and your family is our family for the day. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. The world all over are watching you and are in awe of you all. We hope and pray the bushfires have calmed down a little by then. 💛💛💛#thankyou #australianfires #vicrfs #sarfs #nswfires #rfs

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To take advantage of this offer, pop into a Guzman Y Gomez store!

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