NEWS: Oporto New Bunless Burger Salads & Bowls – Chicken & Fetta Salad, Vegan Salad and Chicken Salad

Oporto have introduced new Salads and Bowls in their Bunless Burger range!

The range consists of:

  • Chicken and Fetta Salad (new) – Grilled chicken tenders with marinated Danish fetta, mixed lettuce leaves, chickpeas, and mandarin drizzled in Oporto’s Green Goddess dressing
  • Vegan Salad (new) – A pea & herb patty, mixed lettuce leaves, lettuce, dry slaw, Portuguese tomato salad, guacamole & Green Goddess dressing
  • Chicken Salad – Grilled chicken tenders on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves, lettuce, slaw mix, Portuguese Tomato Salad, creamy mayo & balsamic dressing
  • Pulled Chicken Bowl – peeled down chicken with Spicy Rice, lettuce, grilled corn, Portuguese Tomato Salad & guacamole

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