DEAL: Liven Mothers Day – Up to 35% Bonus at Restaurants (until 9 May 2021)

DEAL: Liven Mothers Day - Up to 35% Bonus at Restaurants (until 9 May 2021) 3Until 9 May 2021, Liven are offering Up to 35% Bonuses on Care Packages in their Mothers Day Year promotion!

You can get up to 35% bonus on Care Packages – credit that you purchase for specific restaurants that can be used past the promotion. You can purchase one Care Package per restaurant and there’s no expiry on the food credit!

Liven have also introduced Group Packages which you can use across multiple brands!

To get $10 off your first Liven order, you can enter the code UPN291 when you sign up or through the app. You can also find more codes on our Liven Promo Codes page.

Unfortunately, these two promotions cannot be used together. If you buy a Care Package, you cannot earn Reward for that restaurant as you have already received the promotional benefit with the Care Package Bonus Credit.

To take advantage of these offers, click here to download the app and enter it into the Promo Codes section of the app.

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