DEAL: Pizza Hut Lunch Deals Available 11am-4pm from $6.95 Pickup/$14.95 Delivered

Pizza Hut have launched new Lunch Deals available from 11am to 4pm daily!

There’s options with Pizza Hut’s brand new Pizza Pies, as well as Personal Pan Pizzas and Wings with your choice of side and drink.

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Personal Pan & Selected Side$6.95$14.95
Personal Pan & Selected Side & 375ml Drink$7.95$15.95
Wings 4 Pack & Selected Side$6.95$14.95
Wings 4 Pack & Selected Side & 375ml Drink$7.95$15.95
Pizza Pie & Selected Side$6.95$14.95
Pizza Pie & Selected Side & 375ml Drink$7.95$15.95
Medium Pizza & Selected Side $11.95$17.95
Medium Pizza & Selected Side & 375ml Drink$12.95$18.95
Pasta & Selected Side$11.95$17.95
Pasta & Selected Side & 375ml Drink$12.95$18.95
Wingstreet 6 Pack & Selected Side$11.95$17.95
Wingstreet 6 Pack & Selected Side & 375ml Drink$12.95$18.95
2 Pizza Pies & Selected Side$11.50$17.95
2 Pizza Pies & Selected Side & 375ml Drink$12.50$18.95
Large Pizza & Selected Side$14.95$21.95
Large Pizza & Selected Side & 1.25L Drink$17.95$23.95
3 Pizza Pies & Selected Side$15.95$23.95
3 Pizza Pies & Selected Side & 1.25L Drink$21.95$25.95
2 Regular Pastas & Selected Side$19.95$23.95
2 Regular Pastas & Selected Side & 1.25L Drink$21.95$25.95
12 Wings & Selected Side$19.95$23.95
12 Wings & Selected Side & 1.25L Drink$21.95$25/05

Side options include Chips and Half Garlic Bread for the individual meal options, and Garlic Bread, Spud Bites or Cheesy Spud Bites for the shared lunch options.

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