Pizza Hut Menu Prices Australia (July 2022)

Pizza Hut Menu Prices Australia (July 2022) 1Our Pizza Hut Menu Prices Australia page contains the latest menu, price list and pricing information for Pizza Hut Australia.

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Please note: Prices may vary by store and a 10% surcharge applies for public holidays.

Premium Range

Menu ItemMediumLarge
Surf & Turf$18.95$21.95
Creamy Chicken & Bacon$18.95$21.95
Creamy Garlic Prawn$14.95$17.95
Butcher’s Block$18.95$21.95
Vegan Deluxe$14.95$17.95
Garlic Prawn$14.95$17.95
Hot & Spicy Chicken$14.95$17.95
BBQ Chicken$14.95$17.95

Loaded Range

Menu ItemMediumLarge
Smoky Chicken & Bacon$18.95$21.95
Hot & Spicy Veggie$11.95$14.95
Super Supreme$11.95$14.95
Vegan Mediterranean$14.95$17.95
Mega Meatlovers$18.95$21.95
Ultimate Hot & Spicy$11.95$14.95

Favourites Range

Menu ItemMediumLarge
Veggie Sensation$11.95$14.95
Pepperoni Lovers$9.95$10.95
BBQ Beef$9.95$10.95
Chicken Supreme$11.95$14.95
BBQ Meatlovers$11.95$14.95

Classics Pizzas

Menu ItemMediumLarge
BBQ Cheeseburger$11.95$14.95
Ham Lovers$9.95$10.95
Vegan Margherita$9.95$10.95
Vegan Cheese Lovers$9.95$10.95
Cheese Lovers$9.95$10.95

Unreal! Range

Menu ItemPersonalMediumLarge


Menu ItemPrice
BBQ Meatlovers Personal Pan$5.95
Pepperoni Lovers Personal Pan$4.95
Super Supreme Personal Pan$5.95
Vegan Mediterrean Personal Pan$5.95
Veggie Sensation Personal Pan$4.95
Cheese Lovers  Personal Pan$4.95
Hawaiian Personal Pan$5.95
Ham & Cheese Pizza Pie$3.95
Cheese & Tomato Pizza Pie$3.95
Beef & Cheese Pizza Pie$3.95


Menu ItemPrice
Stuffed Crust$3.95
Gluten Free Crust$3.00


Menu ItemRegularShare
Mac & Cheese$9.95$19.90
Creamy Prawn Alfredo$11.95$23.90
Creamy Chicken Alfredo$9.95$19.90
Creamy Mushroom Alfredo$9.95$19.90
Hearty Bolognese$9.95$19.90
Homestyle Beef Lasagne$9.95$19.90


Menu ItemPrice
Garlic Bread$4.95
Cheesy Garlic Bread$5.95
Spud Bites & Tomato Dip$4.95
Cheesy Spud Bites 8 Pack + Dip$4.95
Hot Chips Large$4.95
Hot Chips Regular$3.95
Triple Dippers$11.95
BBQ Pork Ribs Quarter Rack$10.95
BBQ Pork Ribs Share Pack$19.95
BBQ Pork Ribs Family Pack$34.95
6 Pack Wings $8.95
12 Pack Wings $14.95
24 Pack Wings $24.95
Jalapeno Cheese Bites 20 Pack$18.95
Jalapeno Cheese Bites 10 Pack$9.95
Jalapeno Cheese Bites 6 Pack$5.95
Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread$6.95


Menu ItemPrice
Ben & Jerry’s Tub$14.95
Hershey’s Cookie$9.95
Choc Lava Cake$4.95
Chocolate Mousse$4.95
Blue Ribbon 1.25L$9.95
Golden Gaytime 4 Pack$9.95
Magnum Mini 6 Pack$9.95
Magnum Dairy Free 3 Pack$9.95
Hershey’s Brownie$10.95


Menu ItemPrice
Coke/Coke No Sugar/Coke Vanilla/Diet Coke/Fanta/Lift/Sprite$3.00 (375ml)

$4.00 (600ml)

$4.95 (1.25L)

600ml Cool Ridge Water$3.00
300ml Keri Apple/Orange Juice$3.50

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