NEWS: Taco Bell – Naked Chicken Taco

NEWS: Taco Bell - Naked Chicken Taco 4Taco Bell have introduced the Naked Chicken Taco, where the chicken is the shell!

Instead of a standard taco shell, the Naked Chicken Taco features a chicken shell made out of 100% Aussie chicken breast.

It also comes with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and ranch sauce.

It’s available for a limited time only and is available by it-self, in a meal with hot or tortilla chips and drink, or in a Naked Chicken Taco Box with an additional Signature Crunchy Beef Taco, hot or tortilla chips, nacho cheese dipping sauce and a drink.

It’s available in-store, or also available delivered on delivery services including DoorDash for $9.95 by itself, $12.95 in a regular meal, $15.95 in a large meal or $16.95 in the Naked Chicken Taco Box.

You can find your closest Taco Bell store here., and you can find more deals on our Taco Bell Deals page! Or click on one of these links:

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