DEAL: Oporto Mealbox from $9.99

20150905 OportoOporto have recently launched their new Mealboxes. There are 4 different Mealbox options, and they’re each packed plenty of Oporto favourites. The options available are:

  • Bondi Mealbox ($9.99) comes with Bondi Burger, Bondi Bite, Spicy Rice, Small Chips & 375ml Drink
  • Spicy Mealbox ($12.99) comes with Bondi Burger, Spicy Chicken Bites, Jalopeno Bites, Spicy Rice, Small Chips & 375ml Drink
  • Chicken Mealbox ($12.99) comes with Qtr Chicken, 2 Chicken Bites, BBQ Corn Wheel, Spicy Rice, Small Chips & 375ml Drink
  • Oporto Mealbox ($13.99) comes with Bondi Burger, 1 Flamed Grilled Wing, Jalapeno Bites, Spicy Chicken Bite, Spicy Rice, Small Chips & 375ml Drink

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  1. gina says:

    The rice is only a tiny bit. Talk about misleading photography. The real serving looks nothing like the photo at the store!

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