FAST FOOD NEWS: KFC Original Recipe Tenders

20150907 TendersLaunching on September 8, along with Smith’s Zinger Chips, are KFC’s new Original Recipe Tenders.

KFC’s Original Tenders are breast chicken strips coated in the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices.

The tenders are served with a creamy aioli dipping sauce, and may be replacing the crispy strip in their products, including the Twister and the Double Crunch Burger.

It’s available in a variety of individual and family meals, including the following options:

  • Original Tenders Box ($10.95): 3 Original Recipe Tenders, 1 snack Popcorn Chicken, portion Chips, regular Potato and Gravy, regular Drink and Aioli Dipping Sauce.
  • Original Tenders Variety: 12 Original Recipe Tenders, 2 large Chips, 6 Nuggets, 1 regular Popcorn, Aioli Sauce and a 1.25L Drink.

KFC will also be launching a new $5 Lunch box option, as well as Corn Cobs.

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