IMPRESSIONS: Miso Spicy Ramen @ Hakataya Ramen

In the last few years, Ramen (ラーメン) has really taken off in Australia, especially in Brisbane. In Brisbane, there is one ramen chain which has opened up a few places in recent years called Hakataya Ramen. On a chilly Brisbane evening, I managed to order one of these warm bowls of spicy miso goodness!

Miso Spicy Men @ Hakataya Ramen

Pictured here is the Miso Spicy Men, with the flavoursome broth with a miso spicy kick to it. The pork, seaweed and shallots make a good combination, while the takana (side condiment on the right hand side, made from mustard greens) provides a different texture and different flavour alternative. For $12.00, it’s a bit more expensive than the base pork ramen but worth it if you want a spicy kick! The base pork ramen ($10.50) is pretty good too if you want something more milder and creamier.

There are 5 shops in Brisbane:

  • Market Square
  • Sunnybank Plaza
  • Westfield Garden City
  • Brisbane City Myer Centre
  • Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

I went to the Brisbane City Myer Centre one. They should all have the same menu as far as I know! Be sure to ask for Kaedama (かえだま) for an extra free serving of noodles to finish off the remainder of your soup!

Miso Spicy Men
Price: $12.00
Verdict: Must go again tomorrow!


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