NEWS: KFC Fiery Zinger Burger with Sriracha Sauce

zinger-familyStarting 27 December 2016, KFC are introducing new additions to their Zinger range, including the brand new Fiery Zinger Burger with Sriracha Sauce!

The new Fiery Zinger Burger contains KFC’s classic Zinger fillet, crisp lettuce, and a new Fiery Sriracha-style sauce on a sesame seed bun.

Also available is the Supercharged Zinger, with spicy Supercharged sauce, and the regular Zinger, with classic mayonnaise.

The Zinger range will set you back around $5.95 for a burger by itself and around $7.95 for a regular combo with chips and drink.

It’s also available in a Boxed Meal with 3 Wicked Wings, chips, drink, and Potato and Gravy for around $10.45. But please note – prices may vary by store, so check your local store to find out pricing.

The new item is available starting on 27 December 2016, and ends on 23 January 2017 – so get in quick to your closest KFC store to try it out! To locate it, click here.

If you’ve tried KFC’s new Zinger range, let us know what you think in the comments!

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