KFC Prices & Menu Australia (April 2020)

This page contains the latest menu, price list and pricing information for KFC Australia.

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Meals include chips and a soft drink. The chips and drink can be swapped for any other side (eg. Potato & Gravy or Coleslaw).

Menu ItemPricePrice (Regular Meal with Chips & Drink)Price (Large Meal)
Original Recipe Chicken$3.00 (1 piece)
$12.95 (5 pieces)
$34.95 (21 pieces)
$8.95 (2 pieces)$11.45 (2 pieces)
Hot and Spicy Chicken (QLD/WA/selected stores)$3.00 (1 piece)
$12.95 (5 pieces)
$34.95 (21 pieces)
$8.95 (2 pieces)$11.45 (2 pieces)
Original Tenders$6.95 (3 pieces)
$9.95  (5 pieces)
$9.95 (3 pieces)
$12.95 (5 pieces)
$12.45 (3 pieces)
$15.45 (5 pieces)
Wicked Wings$3.95 (3 pieces)
$6.95 (6 pieces)
$10.95 (10 pieces)
$9.95 (6 pieces)
$13.95 (10 pieces)
$12.45 (6 pieces)
$16.45 (10 pieces)
Kentucky Nuggets or Hot and Spicy Nuggets$5.95 (6 Nuggets)
$8.95 (10 Nuggets)
$8.95 (6 Nuggets)
$11.95 (10 Nuggets)
$11.45 (6 Nuggets)
$14.45 (10 Nuggets)
Popcorn Chicken$5.95 (Regular)
$7.95 (Maxi)
$8.95 (Regular)
$10.95 (Maxi)
$11.45 (Regular)
$13.45 (Maxi)
Original Recipe/Zinger Fillet$3.95

Burgers & Twisters

Meals include chips and a soft drink. The chips and drink can be swapped for any other side (eg. Potato & Gravy or Coleslaw).

Menu ItemPricePrice (Regular Meal)Price (Large Meal)
Original Recipe Burger$5.95$8.95$11.45
Zinger Burger$5.95$8.95$11.45
Kentucky Burger$7.95$10.95$13.45
Bacon & Cheese Burger$6.95$9.95$12.45
Double Tender Burger$4.95$7.45$9.95
Zinger Stacker Burger$8.95$11.45$13.95
Twister (Original/Honey Mustard/Sweet Chilli/Caesar/Spicy Hot)$6.95$9.95$12.45

Boxed Meals

All Boxed Meals below include chips, potato and gravy and a soft drink. The chips and drink can be swapped for any other side (eg. Potato & Gravy or Coleslaw).

Menu ItemPriceLarge Boxed Meal
3 Piece Box (with Dinner Roll)$11.45$13.95
Original Tenders Box (3 Tenders, Snack Popcorn)$11.35$13.85
Ultimate Box (Fillet Burger, 1 pc Chicken)$10.45$12.95
Favourites Box (Slider, Snack Popcorn, 1 Original Recipe, 1 Wicked Wing, 1 Original Tender)$12.45$14.95
Zinger Box (Zinger Burger, 3 Wicked Wings)$10.95$13.45
Original Twister Box (Twister, Snack Popcorn)$12.45$14.95
Bacon Lovers/Supercharged/Honey Mustard Twister Box (Twister, Snack Popcorn)$12.95$15.45
Fillets Box$10.95$13.45
2 Piece Box$9.95$12.45
Zinger Stacker Box$13.45$15.95
Kentucky Burger Box$13.95$16.45

Shared Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Family Burger Box (4 Burgers/Twisters, 6 Nuggets, Regular Popcorn Chicken, 2 Large Chips)$27.95
Family Feast (10 Original Recipe, 2 Large Chips, Large Coleslaw, Large Potato & Gravy, 1.25L Drink)$30.95
Streetwise Feast (6 Original Recipe, 3 Tenders, 6 Nuggets, 2 Large Chips)$21.95
Giant Feast (15 Original Recipe, 18 Nuggets, 3 Large Chips, Large Coleslaw, Large Potato & Gravy, 1.25L Drink)$42.95
Add 2 Sides to Shared Meal$5.95
Add 4 Original Pieces to Shared Meal$6.95
Add 5 Original Tenders to Shared Meal$6.95

Snacks & Kids Meals

Go Buckets include chips.

Menu ItemPrice
Popcorn Chicken Go Bucket$3.95
3 Nuggets Go Bucket$3.95
2 Wicked Wings Go Bucket$3.95
1 Original Tender Go Bucket$3.95
2 Baked Tenders Go Bucket$3.95
Sliders – Baked/Original$2.95
Kids Meal – Snack Popcorn$4.95
Kids Meal – Baked Slider$4.95


Menu ItemPrice
Chips$2.95 (regular)
$4.95 (large)
Potato and Gravy$3.75 (regular)
$5.95 (large)
Coleslaw$3.75 (regular)
$5.95 (large)
Chocolate Mousse$2.50
Shaker Salad$4.95 (item)
Shaker Salad with Baked Tenders/Popcorn Chicken$6.95 (item only)
$8.95 (combo)
Dinner Roll$0.95
Tomato Sauce$0.50
BBQ Sauce$0.50
Sweet and Sour Sauce$0.50
Supercharged Sauce$0.50
Sweet Chilli Sauce$0.50
Aioli Sauce$0.50


Menu ItemPrice
Pepsi Freeze/Mtn Dew Freeze/Solo Freeze$1.00
Soft Drinks (Pepsi/Pepsi Max/7Up/Solo/Sunkist)$3.10 (Regular)
$4.10 (Large)
$4.35 (1.25L)
Orange Juice/Apple Juice/Bottled Water$3.10

Breakfast (selected stores)

Menu ItemPrice
Bacon & Egg RollTBC
Chicken, Bacon & Egg TwisterTBC
Hash BrownTBC
Donut SticksTBC
Flat WhiteTBC
Long BlackTBC
English Breakfast TeaTBC
Earl Grey TeaTBC
Hot ChocolateTBC

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