NEWS: McDonald’s discontinues Create Your Taste, launching Gourmet Creations

Create Your Taste

McDonald’s are officially discontinuing Create Your Taste in Australia.

After much fanfare and hype for its launch back in 2014, it’s officially being removed from the Macca’s menu, to be replaced by a similar range of burgers using many of the same ingredients called Gourmet Creations – the difference is, you won’t be able to customise the burgers.

Click here to read about the brand new Gourmet Creations burgers – including six burgers, two brekkie rolls and a gourmet salad!

It follows the discontinuation of Create Your Taste in the US in November last year, which was replaced with a “Signature Crafted Recipes” range.

We’ll update this post with the latest when it comes to hand.

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    precisely… why not McDonald’s.

  2. Sam says:

    I feel for those of you that need vegetarian options.

    Also it’s terrible for those of us that live in smallish regional areas, where lunch shuts down at 2:30 and dinner between 7:30 and 9:00, the C-Y-T was a great option for us with regards to out of hours eating if you were forced to postpone a meal for whatever reason and you felt you were eating something better than bog standard KFC or McDonalds.

    They can shove their ‘Gourmet Creations’ which is really a watered down poor substitute for the C-Y-T.

  3. Michael says:

    Agreed. There goes the vegetarian option. Now my friends and I will have to go somewhere else to accommodate me – oh well.

  4. Wendy Luxford says:

    Where is the vegetarian option? Oporto and Hungry Jacks can doit, why not McDonalds?

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  2. June 1, 2017

    […] And then, one day, without warning, in one of possibly the stupidest moves I’ve ever seen, they just ditched the service. […]

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