NEWS: McDonald’s Gourmet Creations (Angus Truffle & Cheese, Homestyle Angus, Chicken Caesar & more)

Gourmet CreationsAs mentioned in our last post, McDonald’s are discontinuing Create Your Taste and are launching Gourmet Creations, a brand new set of six burgers, two brekkie rolls and a gourmet salad!

They’re available for dine-in where it’s served to your table, as well as drive thru, and according to Macca’s promises to be much quicker than Create Your Taste used to be.

The six new burgers are (with approximate prices in brackets), available from 10:30am to 4am each day at participating restaurants:

  • Angus Truffle & Cheese: Angus Beef, bacon, parmesan, spinach leaves and truffle ($9.85 burger, $13.50 Medium Meal)
  • Classic Chicken: Grilled or crispy chicken, cheese, lettuce, rasher bacon and creamy mayo ($7.95 burger, $11.60 Medium Meal)
  • Homestyle Angus: Angus beef, rasher bacon, caramelised onions, beetroot and chilli jam ($8.95 burger, $12.60 Medium Meal)
  • Angus Cheeseburger: Angus beef, bacon, swiss and parmesan cheese, carmelised onion, Dijonnaise ($9.25 burger, $12.90 Medium Meal)
  • Chicken Caesar: Grilled or crispy chicken, cheese, lettuce, bacon, egg, caesar sauce ($8.95 burger, $12.60 Medium Meal)
  • Gourmet Classic Angus: Angis beef, cheese, tomato, onions, pickles with mustard and mayo ($7.95 burger, $11.60 Medium Meal)

There’s also two new Brekkie rolls, available from 4am until 10:30am:

  • Tomato Relish Brekkie Roll: Two rashers of bacon, fried egg, baby spianch, tomato and tomato onion relish
  • Smokey BBQ Brekkie Roll: Two rashers of bacon, fried egg, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, tomato and grilled onions on a brioche bun

And one new salad available from 10:30am to 4am each day:

  • Gourmet Chicken Salad: crispy or grilled chicken, spinach, lettuce, grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan plus caesar or balsamic dressing ($8.95 burger, $12.60 Medium Meal)

At the same time, Macca’s have also launched brand new Truffle Mayo Loaded Fries – click on the link to read more!

If you’ve tried any of the latest Gourmet Creations burgers, let us know what you think in the comments!

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