McDonald’s Prices & Menu Australia (September 2019)

McDonald's PricesThe McDonald’s Prices page contains the latest menu, price list and pricing information for McDonald’s Australia.

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Note: Prices may vary by store.


A meal include your choice of fries or a garden salad plus a soft drink.

Menu ItemPriceSmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
Big Mac$6.15$10.00$10.70$11.40
Double Big Mac$8.35$12.10$12.90$13.60
Quarter Pounder$6.20$10.00$10.70$11.40
Quarter Pounder Chilli$6.20$10.00$10.70$11.40
Quarter Pounder with Bacon$7.20$11.00$11.70$12.40
Double Beef ‘n’ Bacon$5.45$8.45
$5.00 (promo)
Double McChicken$8.15$11.45$12.25$13.05
Double Quarter Pounder$7.65$11.00$11.70$12.40
Double Cheeseburger$4.90$8.30$9.00$9.70
Triple Cheeseburger$6.35$9.60$10.30$11.00
Double Filet-O-Fish$6.85$10.25$11.05$1.85
Classic Beef McWrap$7.75$11.55$12.25$12.95
Hamburger$1.00 (promo)
Chicken ‘n’ Cheese$3.50

Gourmet Creations

Meals include your choice of fries or a garden salad plus a soft drink.

Menu ItemPriceSmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
Clubhouse Angus$8.70$11.65$12.35$13.05
Classic Angus$8.00$11.45$12.25$13.05
BBQ Bacon Angus$8.55$11.95$12.65$13.35
Crispy/Grilled Chicken Deluxe$7.10$10.50$11.20$11.90
Crispy/Grilled Chicken Clubhouse$8.60$12.00$12.70$13.40
Crispy/Grilled BBQ Chicken$7.60$11.00$11.70$12.40
Crispy/Grilled Classic Chicken$7.80$10.80$11.45$12.10
Classic Crispy/Grilled Chicken Salad$10.10$12.60$13.40$14.20
Classic Crispy/Grilled Caesar Salad$10.10$12.60$13.40$14.20
Crispy/Grilled McWrap (Spicy or Caesar)$7.75$11.55$12.25$12.95

Chicken McNuggets

Meals include your choice of fries or a garden salad plus a soft drink.

Menu ItemPriceSmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
24 Chicken McNuggets$9.95
20 Chicken McNuggets$12.45$15.40$16.10$16.80
10 Chicken McNuggets$8.10$9.70$10.35$11.00
6 Chicken McNuggets$6.15$8.65$9.45$10.15
3 Chicken McNuggets$3.35

Happy Meals

Happy Meals include your choice of fries, apple slices or a garden salad plus a drink.

Menu ItemPrice
Hamburger Happy Meal$5.50
Cheeseburger Happy Meal$5.50
3 Nuggets Happy Meal$5.50
Crispy/Grilled Snack Wrap Happy Meal$5.50
6 Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal$7.85
Grilled Chicken Pieces Happy Meal$7.85

Wraps & Salads

Meals include your choice of fries or a garden salad plus a soft drink.

Menu ItemPriceSmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
Chicken McWrap (Grilled/Crispy) – Spicy/Caesar


Grilled/Crispy Snack Wrap$3.50

Family Boxes

Menu ItemPrice
Family McValue Box (4 Burgers, Family Fries, 4 Soft Drinks)$19.95
Family McClassics Box (4 Burgers, 2 Family Fries, 10 Nuggets, 4 Soft Drinks)$27.95

Loose Change Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken McBites 10 Pack$2.00
Chicken ‘n’ Cheese Burger$3.50
BLT McMuffin$2.50
Ham & Cheese Pocket$2.00
Frozen Coke$1.00
Frozen Coke McSpider$2.00
Apple Pie$1.50
Custard Pie$1.50

Snacks & Fries

Menu ItemPriceSmallMediumLarge
Hash Brown$2.15
Gravy/BBQ Aioli Loaded Fries$3.70$6.80
Ham & Cheese Pocket$2.00
Apple Slices$2.00
Garden Salad$3.55
Ham & Cheese Toastie$4.50
Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie$5.00
Cheese & Tomato Toastie$4.00
Banana Bread$4.00
Raisin Toast$1.95
Grape Tomatoes$2.10
Yoplait Miam Strawberry  Yoghurt$2.20


Menu ItemPriceSmallMediumLarge
Soft Drinks (Coke/Coke No Sugar/Diet Coke/Fanta/Sprite/Soda Water)$2.50$3.10$3.60
Frozen Coke/Fanta$1.00$1.00$1.00
Frozen Coke/Fanta McSpider$2.00$2.00$2.00
Iced Lemonade$3.80$5.10$5.15
Shakes (Chocolate/Strawberry/Vanilla)$3.55$4.10$4.60
Frappe (Coffee/Strawberries & Cream/Mocha/Chocolate)$3.85$5.10$5.40
McCafe Cappuccino/Latte/Flat White/Long Black$3.85$4.40$4.80
McCafe Mocha$4.05$5.05$5.25
McCafe Hot Chocolate$3.75$4.30$4.80
McCafe Espresso/Macchiato$2.85
McCafe Chai Latte$3.55$4.05$4.55
McCafe Iced Latte$4.15$4.60$5.20
McCafe Iced Mocha$5.25$6.10$6.75
McCafe Babycino$0.85
Dilmah Earl Grey/English Breakfast/Jasmine Green/Peppermint Tea$3.35
Orange Juice$3.15$3.50$4.00
Apple Juice 250ml$2.70
600ml Cool Ridge Water$3.25
250ml Bottled Water$2.55
Calciyum Chocolate$3.15


Menu ItemPrice
Sundae – Hot Fudge/Caramel/Strawberry/Plain$3.65 (Small)

$4.00 (Large)

Apple Pie$1.50
Custard Pie$1.50
McFlurry (Flake/M& M Minis, Oreo)$4.95
Soft Serve Cone$0.70
Soft Serve Cone with Flake$1.20
McDonaldland Cookies$1.10
Strawberry/Chocolate Donut$3.10
Raisin Toast$1.95
Banana Bread$4.00

Breakfast Menu

Value Meals include a Hash Brown and Small Coffee.

Menu ItemPricePrice (Value Meal)
Sausage & Egg McMuffin$4.40$8.70
Bacon & Egg McMuffin$4.15$8.70
Sausage McMuffin$3.70$8.10
Mighty McMuffin$4.85$8.95
Big Brekkie Burger$6.80$11.05
English McMuffin with Jam$1.70
BLT McMuffin$2.50
Spicy Chorizon & Egg Roll$6.10$10.50
Tomato Relish Roll$6.10$10.50
Smokey BBQ Roll$6.10$10.50
Hash Brown$2.15
Ham & Cheese Pocket$2.00


Menu ItemPrice
Barbeque Sauce$0.50
Sweet and Sour$0.50
Whipped Butter$0.50
Hotcake Syrup$0.50
Strawberry Jam$0.50
Italian Dressing$0.50
Balsamic Dressing$0.50

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