DEAL: 7-Eleven App – Free Soft Drink, Real Juice, Iced Coffee & Coffee Melt

7-eleven-logoUntil 29 January 20187-Eleven are offering the following deals when you download the 7-Eleven Fuel App!

  • FREE 375ml Soft Drink
  • FREE 300ml Real Juice
  • FREE 7-Eleven Iced Coffee (normally $2)
  • FREE 7-Eleven Coffee Melt (normally $2)
  • $3 7-Eleven Sushi  (normally $5)
  • $2 Connoissuer Ice Cream Varieties (normally $4.50)
  • $1 7-Eleven Water (normally $2)
  • $2 90-100g Twisties (normally $3.50)
  • $3 Sanitarium Protein Blend (normally $5.65)
  • $2.50 600ml Coke Varieties (normally $4)
  • $2 Kit Kat Caramel Pretzel (normally $3.20)
  • $2 500ml Barista Bros (normally $3.50)
  • $2 2-Pak Mars, Sickers, Twix and 3 Piece Bounty (normally $3.20)
  • $2 7-Eleven Juice (normally $3)
  • 10% off Uber $25 and $50 Gift Cards

To download the app and take advantage of these offers, click here for iPhones and iPads and click here for Android devices!

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