DEAL: 7-Eleven App – $1 Mars, $2 Coke Energy/Red Bull/Doritos, $3 Pie, $4 Bagel & more


Until 5 August 2019, 7-Eleven are offering new deals when you download the 7-Eleven Fuel App!

Deals include:

  • $3 7-Eleven Pies 
  • $1.50 7-Eleven Choc Chip Cookies 
  • $4 7-Eleven Bagel varieties *Normally $6*  
  • $5 OPTUS 10 Starter Pack  *Normally $10*  
  • $1.50 7-Eleven Lamington *Normally $2.50*  
  • $2 250mL Red Bull Organic varieties 
  • $2.00 500mL Up & Go Mint Choc *Normally $5*
  • $2.00 375mL Bundaberg varieties *Normally $2.00*
  • $2 58-80g Cadbury Twin and Triple Pack varieties (excludes 60g Boost) 
  • $6 500mL 7-Eleven Ice-Cream Tubs *Normally $8*
  • $1 35-57g Mars, Snickers, Twix, Teaser and M&M’s varieties 
  • $2 250mL Coke Energy varieties *Normally $4*
  • $2 90-100g 7-Eleven Choc Coated Snacks 
  • $2 90ml KIT KAT Stick Ice Cream *Normally *$4.50*
  • $1.50 7-Eleven Brownies *Normally $2.50*
  • $2 80-90g Doritos varieties *Normally $3.00*

To download the app and take advantage of these offers, click here for iPhones and iPads and click here for Android devices!

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