DEAL: PappaRich – $8 Meals from 16-29 March 2020

From 16 to 29 March 2020, PappaRich are offering $8 Meals!

Thanks to Concrete Playground via Ozbargain, the deals are:

  • March 16: three roti canai
  • March 17: nasi lemak curry (chicken, vego or mutton)
  • March 18: chicken curry laksa
  • March 19: two ice blended or two nasi lemak bungkus
  • March 20: six chicken wings and a drink
  • March 21: toasted hainan sandwich and two half-boiled eggs
  • March 22: deep-fried chicken skin and a drink
  • March 23: char koay teow
  • March 24: roti canai curry (chicken, vego or mutton)
  • March 25: nasi lemak fried rice (chicken, vego or mutton)
  • March 26: two drinks (lemon iced tea or teh tarik)
  • March 27: two puddings or three curry puffs
  • March 28: chips and nuggets or salt and pepper chicken wings with rice
  • March 29: chicken rice and steamed chicken

There’s stores in Victoria, NSW and QLD – you can find your closest PappaRich store here.

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